Old Skool II–The Liquor Edition

My blog mercenary duties continue on the eve of the College World Series in a few minutes.  And, as per the boss-lady’s request, more Old Skool Laredo pics.

The photo above shows a downtown establishment that sold fine liquors and wines, as well as the occasional cigar, in early 1900’s Laredo.  Clearly, as the picture shows, purchasing these vices could have been seen as a family affair as the menfolk appeared to have taken their young children to these merchants, probably for the sake of entertainment.  (Either that or the kids would hang out by downtown liquor stores because there was nothing else to do.)

In some respects, things were a bit different back then.  As you can see, the two gentlemen on the right appear to work at the store, and are wearing white, long-sleeve shirts with ties, as well as long aprons.  It was about respect, once upon a time, I guess. In contrast, when I went to buy my six pack of Dos XX last week, the proprietor of the establishment I frequented (see pic below) was wearing a white “wife-beater.

On the other hand, some things stay the same.  Take for instance the liquor store in the photo below.  If you are familiar with the liquor store on Saunders, across the street from Sushi Madre, you’ll realize its a few doors down from a daycare center (the red arrow kinda points at it, but my cut and paste job ruined the pic).

See?  Kids still can get to witness adult Laredoans purchase alcohol, a century later.  The more things change, the more things stay the same.

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