Run for Roofs, a first for Habitat Laredo

Who is up for a little running in the sun?? Habitat for Humanity has to be one of the most legit non-profits in Laredo (in my humble opinion). Contrary to popular belief, no one gets a free home, you have to work for it along with volunteers.

The Run for Roofs 5K & Walk is this Saturday, June 18th starting at 8am in North Central Park. It’ll be right before the Parade of Homes – related but… not really; other than both are about housing. The LBA for los ricachones (according to LaSanbe) and Habitat for los un poco mas fregados.

In past years, Habitat homes have been displayed as part of the Parade of Homes but by the looks of this year’s map, they are not on the list. My guess is that the Habitat staff and volunteers will be too busy running for roofs :).


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9 Responses to Run for Roofs, a first for Habitat Laredo

  1. daisy says:

    i was a part of HOH, even went to their trainings/conferences in Arkansas as part of a program i was in, they do stellar wok and they are the exception & not the rule as usually is the case of uselessness when it comes to charities/non-profits in this town. Go them.

    • Que Fregados says:

      wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. I was on that trip too!!

      • daisy says:

        lol, the big boat out on the lake in hot springs…. beautiful huh, heh heh

      • daisy says:

        *work* not wok, lol (oppsy) sorry had tooth surgery and been outta sorts lately *grunt*

      • daisy says:

        oh yes… one more hint, i have your email, i have had it for quite a while as i was the one who first volunteered to drive you up to your umm, “stints” up north that was requested via a female group that i was part of the very first meeting and set of ladies until it got too “high soiciegate” for my taste (i’m trying to be vague here-so delete this comment if you like after you read it *wink*) but you were not too receptive to the help i offered you, ’tis okay it’s hard to believe anyone in this town would want to help anyone so i “get it” no worries ;o)

        • La Fregada says:

          All this time I was confusing you with someone else! And yes, I do remember the offer but I also remember calling & calling but no response to set anything up. I ended up taking the bus every month – Uh, not that high of society as you assumed, ha! I don’t mind buses, they were pleasant trips :).

          • daisy says:

            i did try & the group head lady emailed me and i replied positively but then she said you had a change of heart (via e-mail) as to having a stranger take you (even though we very slightly knew each other due to trip)…if i had known you were on the bus i’d a scooped you up in a heartbeat missy! *tisk tisk* must have been a mix up somewhere along that grapevine i suppose but i’m glad you’re doing “average” via your doc though ;o) who’d you think i was?! o.O haha, inquiring minds wanna know…besides a little locita?! ;P and it (group) did get like that for awhile, so much so that it really turned me off… i used that group to get away from all that jazz and then there they were :-/ if it changed back to what it was initially was i would be more than glad to return. ;o)

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