State of the City… but what if I don’t have $35?

Our illustrious… uh, Mayor Salinas, is going to let us know what’s up with Laredo. For the low low cost of $35, you too can hang at the Laredo Country Club and applaud when qued. But if you are too fregado (of the no-money kind), well, no fancy speeches for you!

Or – maybe the Laredo Morning Times can do like The New York Times did and do some live-blogging. I would suggest it to LaSanbe’s KeyRose for one of his famous live-streaming events but I am afraid KR might walk out on the mayor just like he did for the some of the presentations at city council this past Monday. We just can’t have that, can we.

If you are really looking for an interesting speaker, author of the “13 Reasons Why,” don’t forget Jay Asher is going to address everyone interested in bullying and suicide prevention awareness today, June 9 at 6pm at the Laredo Public Library (Teens who have VIP tickets for having participated in the earlier book discussions and rally have a meet & greet earlier). Now there’s an interesting city-sponsored event I would go to. He will, of course, be speaking with no entrance fee – way to go Teen Advisory Board, you guys are GREAT!!

I think I will pass.


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13 Responses to State of the City… but what if I don’t have $35?

  1. Ed says:

    $35.00 to pick up a load of BS??? I’d rather just wait for the free stuff that he dishes out daily.

  2. daisy says:

    *eye roll* if i want to see a donkey talking outta his a$$ i’ll go to the donkey show! *pfft* como el dicho “el burro no se mira sus nalgas” ;P

  3. Keyrose says:

    Wait a minute, they have sponsors, and the mayor basically works for us, but they are charging for this event?!!! It looks like a very exclusive gathering. Hey mayor, come down to El Chacon and give us a State of the City address.

  4. Poncho1950 says:

    Charging people to deliver a state of the city address? What’s next? Return of the poll tax?

  5. swardspeak says:

    Ridiculous. Sounds like a fundraiser. Smells like a fundraiser.

    • Que Fregados says:

      I think it is a fundraiser – but for the Chamber of Commerce. You would think that he would want to address more than just the 400 that can be packed into the country club – maybe have an actual state of the city address in a public forum rather than risk the label of practicing of elitism. Too late.

  6. Anonymous says:


  7. Rosario says:

    Well, at least he is finally using the city’s official coat of arms instead of the plagiarized version by the city’s harrassing city secretary……what a jerk!

  8. ___erstwjile city manager says:

    ___pay monry to go find what what bad shape we are in ? , el spillover, el trafico, el Puente, el beisbol estadium, el Portal, las unsynchronized traffic signals, las llantas, los loose dogs, y los deserted shopping carts, (thanks BTB) las thongs ladies, (being them back) las sanbe street walkers (run a health check on them and let them loose) los lousy downtown museums, aun hay mas

  9. Melissa K. says:

    Very interesting. Seeing as though the Chamber is a non-profit organization that gains their funding through the county and through local membership (probably not nearly where it should be), it would make sense that they would want to fundraise. (Many Laredoans don’t understand that the City of Laredo and the Chamber of Commerce are two separate entities.)

    It is unfortunate though that the mayor is not providing an address for the greater public (or at least those who don’t want to spend their dough to hear him speak). Then again, is this the first disappointment from city officials?

    Hopefully local media will provide decent coverage of what I’m sure will be an inspiring event. (Excuse the sarcasm!)

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