Spills and more spills on the streets of Laredo

You must be wondering, what’s with all the heavy news lately. Can’t help it, my stash of quirky Laredo pictures has been on the high shelf towards the back. Of course, your submissions are always welcome.

News came in this morning about an unknown spill at the end of I-35 by Victoria Street. Reports from witnesses state it was a truck from a fracking company. This is what one witness stated:

The problem is that the drivers who reported the incident didn’t identify the name of the company on the truck.

But I did ask the TxDOT crews, and the PD officers, what type of spill it was?

They said it was from a truck carrying waste from the drill sites. I asked how did they know? They said this has happened before from these open trucks carrying waste from the drill sites that that it’s now a weekly occurrence in Laredo.

Chin… ya si no estamos fregados…

The following are courtesy photos from a witness on the scene.

Obviously, because the truck just left the scene, city workers were responsible for cleaning the sludge left on the roadway. That’s right, your tax dollars at work for a private company’s negligence. Police were on the scene but when asked for a police report, the response was, “There is no case report. No accident, no truck was found, just cleaned up the mess and that’s it.” Uuuukela (or if you prefer, Uuu… que la chingada but I am not maldicienta), but the big question is WHAT was spilled on the highway near my home in the downtown area??

The RGISC wants to know so an email went out to Texas Department of Transportation and they have responded. A ver que pasa, readers. For now, you are still invited to watch the last screening of the film Gasland at the Laredo Public Library at 5pm on Wednesday, but better yet – go to the town hall meeting this Friday, June 10, at the UT Health Science Center at 6pm with a reception at 5pm. Loads of state reps and those with other stories of fracking effects in their area will be on hand to talk to you and answer questions. Fracking is important technology that will help the South Texas region tremendously but we should demand that it be done safely.


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15 Responses to Spills and more spills on the streets of Laredo

  1. daisy says:

    ay ay ay!! so strange… i know that every night when i am driving between 11pm (in loop 20 area) to about 1am give/take and all i see are “fluid” filled trucks that seem to be carting away the salt water waste from the drill sites over from cotulla and such, hrmm, gonna note which company is listed on a truck tonite if i see one. will let ya know. *wink*

  2. MaryHelen says:

    I’d like to know where they are dumping this mysterious waste. Sounds like Cotulla doesn’t want it in their backyard, but then, neither do I. 😦

    • daisy says:

      they are supposedly taking it to dump out in waterways or whatever for the ocean to absorb it and THAT is what really is bugging the crappola outta me *grr* cuz if they leave it on the ground it WILL soak into the ground & contaminate our fresh water. pollution is pollution.

  3. Keyrose says:

    Daisy, looks like I’m going to have to camp out along Loop 20 to see what happens on our roads when we are tucked away at home. I am not liking this, especially if this stuff is being dumped into the river.

    • daisy says:

      me either! maybe i should just follow them to see where exactly they are going,.. don’t think they’ll mind a female scoping them out. *wink* hehe

  4. daisy says:

    …and now that i think about it, right in front of doctors hospital about 2 weeks ago i saw cops & firemen closing one lane for about 2 hours or so and txdot was cleaning up part of the left lane that was about 1-2 blocks in length on the road that turns south onto mcpherson, (didn’t think much of it) ahhhaa… now it makes sense! o.O

  5. critters and crayons says:

    I wonder if anyone at one of the higher education science labs could test the sludge? It should be easy enough to get a sample 🙂 This is really disturbing.

  6. daisy says:

    so last night i was only able to see 1 truck, the name of one of the companies it seems that has gotten these sickening contracts is Basic Trucking Inc. http://www.manta.com/c/mm3q242/basic-trucking-inc -they seem to be a small upcoming company with no website, coincidence? i’m sure.

  7. Tom Wade says:

    Hey folks, hold on for a couple of minutes. I have asked some folks in the industry (which is a good idea on occasion) what was spilled. It looks like what is being spilled is the acutal “drilling mud” mixture. Not hazardous waste. The drilling mud is mixed offsite of the well and must be transported to the well for drilling. What is happening is that this mud is normally carried by a slim tanker trailer. Because of the increase in drilling, there is a shortage of these tankers, and the mud is being hauled in open bed trucks which is legal if the truck bed is covered because the mud is not considered hazardous material by the EPA or DOT. Also, the drivers are only paid on the amount of mud they deliver. So spilling of the mud offers no economic gain for the driver/hauler.

    This seems not to be a waste disposal issue, but a transportation mode issue.

    PS, the late night hauling can be explained by the fact that the trucks must be at the well head all hours of the day. Though one of my sources said that some drivers are traveling at night to avoid DPS enforcement. DPS change you schedule some. There are already laws on the books, enforce them.

  8. CrisV says:

    Thank you Tom for looking into this. It seems lately everything is lumped into “frac companies”, and in the industry it is known as “frac” not “frack”. Frac companies do not haul any waste materials aside from unused chemicals leftover from frac jobs. Drilling and fracturing are two completely different operations. The company named above is a vacuum truck company that specializes in hauling fluids. There are dozens of these companies in Laredo. In Laredo there is only one company that has frac equipment based out of here and that is Halliburton. All other companies working in the area come from out of town. Fracing has been going on in our area for decades. The reason it is big news and perhaps why we see more incidents lately is because of the boom that the Eagle Ford shale has created. I would advise to please become informed as to the many different operations involved in the production of oil and gas. Also fracturing these deviated wells is a relatively new technology. Already new technologies are being used and developed that require much less water, proppant, and chemicals to be pumped into the ground.

  9. CrisV says:

    And by the way Daisy, this is what you were looking for. It was quite easy to find. http://http://www.basicenergyservices.com/

  10. Mud Haulers says:

    Pending comment

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