A little Bruni family drama… and the campaigning barely started

So when you are up late at night after having had to read post after post on your Facebook wall from a certain Allison Bruni who was not happy that the film, Gasland, was shown… what comes next?

Ah yes, a post from me about her dad, Louis H. Bruni, running for Webb County Commissioner of Precinct #1. I actually was going to question why every sign from Bruni has a sign by Sciaraffa right next to it? Or is it vice versa?? I’m not sure which put their political graffiti up first.

This post was originally going to be about the exciting race ahead between two… ahem… gentlemen. One a former judge who took on the other as his protégé and then turned on him. The other a not-the-sharpest commish out there. But nooooooo…, things got interesting for other reasons besides these two agarrandose del moco.

Late night Facebook readers were given something by Ms. Bruni for all of us to ponder – and it didn’t even come from his opponent.

Don’t get me wrong, it is a tremendously sad story. And I am definitely not a Sciaraffa supporter. This actually should be a lesson to all politicians on the use of Facebook – don’t “friend” your daughter on your campaign FB page if you know she is going to air out your dirty laundry (some of which is already common knowledge). Although Mr. Bruni deleted it, Bordertown Blues and yours truly will gladly post it for you.

To read the actual note she wrote (cut off from the above picture), check out the best Laredo C.P. blogger Bordertown Blues :).


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5 Responses to A little Bruni family drama… and the campaigning barely started

  1. rick78 says:

    Too early for campaigning 2012. Up here it is 30 days prior the actual election and will be fined if public posting is done earlier .

  2. rick78 says:

    Also a big difference is that in Laredo, the politicos will wine and dine the voters for free , here they sell you the wine and dine, called campaign contributions .

  3. Keyrose says:

    I’m trying to figure out if Bruni is more Newt Gingrich, Rudy Guliani, or John Edwards. He’s got all this bad blood between him and his family that it’s sad, if not partially humorous.

    His new campaign could be a publicity stunt to remain relevant, ala Sarah Palin.

  4. BT Blues says:

    He’d be better off with a parody like “Nailin Pailin”

  5. fifty88 says:

    Ok …… I’m new / old to all of this drama : I met Louis at Laredo’s social hub ( Whataburger ) in 1968. I was from the Air Force Base and it was great to make local friends. I have distinct memories of hanging out, having fun with Louis, even dropping by the Bruni household from time to time. I did not know Spanish, so when the Mexican maid opened the door and said “digame” I said “well, I suppose I dig you, but we just met…..” Louis would come down the stairs, blow by me and the maid and say ” Come on Palomo ” don’t stand there all night torturing the maid with your “mamadas” …… ”

    Now, everything back then required a translation …. so, after lots of Laredo locals giving me their definition of a mamada ……. I finally got the straight scoop from Louis, a few days later ; ” A mamada is a situation or concept that is basically stupid , or obnoxious ” so naturally , having gotten lots of translations from others, I was compelled to ask “so what does me being irritating to the maid have to do with the verb to suck???? Louis …..”Exactly , asshole , your behavior sucks from time to time …..if you want to get along here in Laredo : No Mamadas and dont shit the stick either ”
    (I got the “mamadas” advisory pretty quick , but as sure as my name is on a plaque in the back of Blessed Sacrament Church …… I’ll never, never understand Laredo’s gem of a phrase “shit the stick” so ….never mind that one. Please.

    Ok then …..fast forward to Now, or Recent History in Laredo ….(mamadas notwithstanding) :

    I’ve spoken to Luis a few times since 1968; “Hey Louis, I was from the Base in the old days. Hi, how’s it going; how’s politics etc.” but the real question I’d like to ask a cross-section of Laredones is : When in office…… does’t Louis do as good a job as the other Political “Mamones” ??????

    (I’ve read all the blogs / the scumsucking story, on and on ; all of that defines a politician)

    Laredo, help me out here, I like Louis, he seems normal to me: rich, family dysfunction, obsessed with running for office …… Isn’t Louis a pretty good choice for the types of offices he runs for?

    Thanks for helping me understand all of this…… Johnny , former Laredo Air Force Base airman

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