Awe-inspiring teacher during gunfire

Reader Lupita Guerrero sent in this youtube video about the phenomenal way this teacher handled her kindergarten students near Monterrey (only 2.5 hrs from Laredo) while armed men battled outside the school walls. She writes:

It’s incredible how this teacher handled a shooting in Mexico outside a kindergarten. I know we practice for this kind of situation but how would of we handle this situation? It is very scary… I really don’t know how I would react! Hope you can all see it, this happened today!

She kept her cool and her voice showed no fear while she kept her students face down on the ground and distracted them by singing while the gunfire was in the background. I don’t think I would have reacted the same way. I freak out when I hear the gunfire in Nuevo Laredo (Mexico) but I know I am relatively safe on the Laredo (U.S.) side. My heart goes out to every innocent person who has to endure this. As horrible as the drug war is in Mexico, this woman was a true caring leader. She has all my respect.

Regioblogs (the youtube poster of Regioblogs blog) writes their description and of course as most bloggers add, the government position is still “nothing is going on”:

En un kinder en La Estanzuela, mayo 27 del 2011
From: regioblogs | May 27, 2011 | 302 views
Esto sucedía dentro de un kinder en La Estanzuela mientras afuera:

Cinco hombres que se encontraban en una base de taxis pirata que aparentemente era punto de venta de droga fueron acribillados por un grupo armado que iba en dos camionetas, en el sector de La Estanzuela, en el sur de Monterrey.

Quiero resaltar la forma en que la maestra trata de tranquilizar a los pequeños mientras afuera sucede la balacera. Pero en Nuevo León…no pasa nada….

(for my monolingual readers, it translates to:

This happened inside of a kindergarten at La Estanzuela while outside:

Five men were brutally shot while at a fake taxi stand that apparently was a point of drug sales. The armed group who shot them were in two trucks in the La Estanzuela sector, in the south part of Monterrey.

I want to highlight the manner in which the teacher tries to calm the youngsters while outside a gunbattle takes place. But in Nuevo León… nothing is going on…)



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5 Responses to Awe-inspiring teacher during gunfire

  1. granolagopher says:

    Oh my. This made me tear up. Thanks so much for posting. My thoughts and prayers are with these children and their brave, wonderful teacher.

  2. Linda Cuellar says:

    This woman is deserving of all our praises

  3. critters and crayons says:

    THAT WAS INCREDIBLE!!!!!! She was so calm and so nurturing and she was so patient with those curious kids….really awesome-

  4. Lisa says:

    That really made me cry. I would love to see an interview with this hero to hear what was going through her mind. The kids were so focused on her and the song – it made me think that they may be all too familiar with the sound of gunfire. Thank you for sharing. Heartbreaking.

  5. Anonymous says:

    This makes me want to cry. God bless this teacher.

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