Para el que pregunto… amateur emails

Someone asked about the professionalism of city information distribution on fellow blog LaSanbe. This is what I meant:

screenshot of my email inbox - it is much worse on a phone because of all the scrolling down that needs to be done

A more professional city employee (not naming names but those who get city emails know what I mean. For all I know above email sender could be a fabulous employee but the public only has electronic communication to judge by… ) would:

1) Not have to send out several emails with minor corrections (once a month, maybe twice but… hijole!)

2) Not expose everyone’s email in a distribution list and make it vulnerable to spammers. Everyone on this list has gotten email from unexpected sources. Why?? Because this email list is so unprotected and Public Relations 101 should tell you that a list like this is proprietary information. Heck, some people SELL it but the city just gives it away to any spammer that wants it. Just a simple blind-carbon-copy or maybe using a real Listserv service would resolve the issue – it is not hard to do but it doesn’t get done.

3) Although this screenshot is not an example, consistently sending out email from one particular private school is inappropriate. Again, a city service should have city information and private schools should develop their own lists (or buy them… oh wait, its already been given away – rats!) and do their own work during city work hours. If the sender is a volunteer, that’s nice of them to send out but on his or her own un-taxpayer time and not using a list developed for city purposes.

4) There is no fourth other than that I do encourage you to attend the Anti-Bullying/Suicide Awareness Rally coming up. As the rate of suicide increases amongst Latinas, the more you know, the more you can help look for warning signs and help prevent a tragedy. But you have to admit – the language used in the press release is awkward!!


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8 Responses to Para el que pregunto… amateur emails

  1. labelle83 says:

    So glad someone says something! This kind of stuff urks me to no end!!!

  2. C says:

    Also: Don’t ever, ever put backgrounds and huge graphics in an e-mail. People have different e-mail clients and while the e-mail might look pretty on yours, it’ll probably be unreadable on others. Also, it’s just plain amateur-ish. The city and several organizations around town have done this.

    • Que Fregados says:

      So true. The worst is trying to read it on your phone screen. Most email services provide a “plain text” option. And you are right, she is not the only one but seems to be the most prolific with sending out releases. This is not my field but even *I* know you are supposed to protect your lists and send out clean emails – it is about the city’s image after all.

  3. Keyrose says:

    Xochitl, stop correcting stuff and stop sending St. Peter’s announcements.

    • Que Fregados says:

      You are TERRIBLE!! but you made me laugh. Even the link to LaSanbe was the general one and not the one to the post where you name her. But seriously, this is simple stuff that someone with her title should know.

  4. Laredoan4Life says:

    And really, what is her title? The City is hiring for a public informaiton officer, it’s been posted for-ev-er.

    • Que Fregados says:

      Maybe she isn’t even the PIO and we have been thinking she is all this time?? The amateur emails would make sense then but they still make the city look really bad.

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