Free taco at Stripes today

Informed Reader Sue had a lead on a free taco this morning. Yes, Stripes reminds us that Laredo is mostly taco-loving Latinos and the Newcomers (from the Newcomers Club) are getting used to the taco staple in the morning. Live in Laredo, love tacos – ok, not everyone but most everyone, especially if it is FREE.

I’ve already had my morning oatmeal but on Facebook, you would “like” the Stripes page, then in their “It’s Go Time” you go to the Shwag Cooler and click on the arrows for your coupon. Print out and run to your local Stripes that has a Laredo Taco Company (I think that is their name, but any Stripes that sells tacos) and get that free breakfast taco.

facebook Stripes page screenshot

Thank you, Sue!!


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Que Fregados is a quirky look at little things that strike us funny in Laredo and the unique Latino culture. Suggestions and comments are welcome. You can also email to
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4 Responses to Free taco at Stripes today

  1. Poncho1950 says:

    Meaning no disrespect, pero sin pelos en la lengua: I just realized the word “latino” in any of its variants makes me cringe.

    • Que Fregados says:

      I get the same reaction from “Hispanic” so I chose Latino. I first put Mexican but then realized… Laredoans are a little funny about that too. What else could I have used?? Maybe Reader Rick’s favorite term = nopaleros!

  2. stxparrothead says:

    I loved Breakfast tacos, or breakfast burritos as we called them,way before coming to Laredo! Although where I grew up had a heavy hispanic culture, so maybe that why I love it here πŸ˜‰

    • Que Fregados says:

      Up north they were always breakfast burritos, too. I actually have a hard time calling them “mariachis” so since Stripes doesn’t call them that, I won’t either.

      By the way, I am very glad you and your family came to enjoy life here – you are always so full of information and constantly making an impact πŸ™‚

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