Law Week!

Although I wish this meant it was my week to watch every Law & Order episode, unfortunately… no time to watch the boob tube (does anyone even call TV that anymore??).

What it actually means is that the lawyers in town (well, those active with the Laredo-Webb County Bar Association) have turned into do-gooders, but only for this week. Just kidding, you lawyers out there. You know you are some of my favorite people and are doing quite a bit on a day also known as National Teacher Day.

Yesterday they invited a bunch of students from all the local public high schools to listen to prosecutors, public defenders and private attorneys talk about the judicial system, court proceedings and the practice of law.

Then, they were provided lunch where the students got to ask attorneys about law school, practicing law, areas of practice and general advice about college.

Today, I understand the Women’s Bar is having many students shadow them throughout the day.

Para cerrar con broche de oro, this Friday they will have a luncheon to honor the late Barbara Kazan with the School Bell Award and new Judge Saldaña:

I won’t get to go but the planners promised to save me a plate. Kidding, touchy lawyers, kidding – but thank you for inviting me.


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One Response to Law Week!

  1. MaryHelen says:

    So glad to read that there’s a Women’s Bar Association.

    Before my husband became a Cluster Court Judge, he practiced law here in Laredo for over twenty years and served in various capacities (including president) in the Young Lawyers Association, Volunteer Lawyers Association, and Webb County Bar Association. But he most enjoyed serving for several years as the Chairman of the Liberty Bell Awards Committee. Through that committee, he was pleased to see how many hard-working individuals in our community deserved the honor.

    Now, as a traveling judge, he doesn’t get to attend many local bar luncheons and banquets because he’s usually holding court in a different county that day. I’m sure he misses the comraderie and is appreciative of those who currently work so hard in the legal community.

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