Big weekend recap

Of course, the biggest news of all is that Osama Bin Laden is dead. Unfortunately, we are left with an unknown reaction to the US action. An evil-doer is dead for some and a martyr is created for others. Peace continues to be a challenge.

Local Councilperson District 7 election this past weekend garnered a certain Mario Juarez a whole 4 votes. Was that mom, dad, wife and his vote?? Now we await the runoff between Hector Lee Patiño and Jorge Vera, who will Mr. Juarez back?

An interesting documentary is playing Hollywood Theater and I hope to go before its run closes:

The Laredo Wrestling Alliance had a very successful fundraiser for the Nixon High School Class of 2001. El Partner is still alive… barely.

The Community Action Agency’s Weatherization Program did not only do unqualified homes but the ones that were done apparently sucked.

I had a very network-y weekend with Latinas from all over the U.S. …

…and on my way back, I was neck and neck with bowlers from Nuevo Leon. It almost seemed as if we were in a caravan intentionally:

At a random gas station on I-35.

Was there some big boliche competition somewhere?? Was Laredo represented? No se.

Port Lavaca native, Hope Dworaczyk was fired from Celebrity Apprentice – in case you didn’t know because the breaking Bin Laden news cut the program right at that part. Hope had short-term ties to Laredo a while back and some of her local friends are very disappointed.

And… why is it so hard to hire in Laredo?? I need 7 employees but it is taking me forever! Ok, back to work and watch the news hoping for retaliation that won’t take any more lives.


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7 Responses to Big weekend recap

  1. Joe says:

    I am available to work, where and when.

  2. Dan says:

    do you know when the documentary’s run is over? i would also like to catch it before its gone and to encourage theaters to show more documentaries.


    • Que Fregados says:

      My guess is that since is started this past Friday, it will play until Thursday. That is only a guess, though. I might not be able to go because I am so swamped with work this week :(.

  3. Lisa says:

    We are having trouble hiring as well. You would think with the economy bad more quality employees would be out looking. Good luck!

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