Should we worry??

I also attended the Frack Action meeting that LaSanbe blog highlighted. I am very, very curious about the possible negative impact this kind of drilling might have in our area but I also see the tremendous economic benefit.

I really wanted to give the meeting and the multiple sides that were present a fair shake so I am postponing writing about all the interesting things presented and will wait for more information. What I am looking forward to is attending an open house or a tour of one of these drilling sites that ANGA (America’s Natural Gas Alliance) arranges. Mr. KeyRose of LaSanbe has already promised to pack a cooler and lunch bags for the trip :P. Maybe a blog alliance will form for capturing every part of the tour – ha!

You have to wonder, why aren’t there MORE of the companies that frack a part of the ANGA Alliance… but anyway, I have tons of work to do and was a little disconcerted a few minutes ago because I went to refresh my dogs’ water.

With all this talk about clean water issues, I was wondering – what is up with the downtown water supply today??? Yesterday, the water was clear, today it is very yellow – guacatelas!

I don’t think it is anything dangerous, just part of some process – or at least that is what I hope. I refresh my dogs’ water a couple times a day and it is, for the most part, clear. Being a tap water drinker, I just wonder if my lemonade is yellow because of the lemon or something else?

At the Frack action meeting yesterday, it was good to see that both sides (the alliance of the fracking companies and the community that has questions about the process and implications) were represented. One great website that was suggested by the natural gas representative is FracFocus which is the “chemical disclosure registry.”

Contrary to popular believe and chatter (hint, hint, Mr. Wade), these are not two contrary and opposing sides. The fracking companies (well, at least the ANGA companies) want to work together with organizations like the Rio Grande International Study Center to educate the community. The fear will be there on both sides but getting a good understanding of how the new fracking process works and reducing as much risk as possible will help with the wondering about possible accidents, wondering about water contamination, wondering about long-term effects, etc.

First and foremost, though, we need to think about OUR OWN ENERGY CONSUMPTION. Get rid of your fugly Hummers cuz you are not impressing anyone other than the gas station owners when you pay the big bucks at the pump.

Ok, I am starting down an unpopular path so I will stop right there. Check out this other video with the most basic of information from the Texas Drought Project. If you hadn’t guessed it by now, we are in a severe drought – oops, it is extreme now and getting close to exceptional (see US Drought Monitor). Well, hello, yesterday was 111 degrees with no promise of water from the sky. Anyway, the Texas Drought Project was represented by its executive director, Alyssa Bergin:

There will be additional screenings of Gasland along with Haynesville, if possible and as recommended by the representative from ANGA.

And maybe, just maybe, someone in the know can tell me why my water was so yellow today…


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4 Responses to Should we worry??

  1. MaryHelen says:

    If dogs are happy drinking from the toilet, then a little yellow water might be just what they ordered! 😉

    All joking aside, I’m sure it’s a temporary sitch so stock up on bottled water until this all clears up — literally! 🙂

    • Que Fregados says:

      Ha! The thing is that I didn’t notice it until I was filling up their pool. I must have already had about a gallon of tap water this morning… now my innards are gonna explode. Well, maybe just gross out.

  2. Risa de Angel says:

    I say: Don’t sell out the health of the whole community for short-term economic gain. Here’s a whole bunch of investigative reports on fracking:
    The most recent is from last Friday 4/22/11:
    “Chesapeake Energy has suspended hydraulic fracturing, known as “fracking,” at its natural gas wells in Pennsylvania after a large spill earlier this week. Thousands of gallons of toxic drilling fluid used in hydraulic fracturing spilled into a [Bradford County] Pennsylvania waterway Tuesday night after a blowout at a natural gas well.”
    And this: “House Democrats recently issued a report warning that 29 chemicals used in natural gas drilling are human carcinogens or considered hazardous under federal clean air and water rules. And from 3/4/11: Leaked EPA Documents Expose Decades-Old Effort to Hide Dangers of Natural Gas Extraction

  3. rick78 says:

    Do not worry until you all get cancer from all this. As you all recall BP, the same company that cause the huge oil spill in the Gulf last year, was burning off with their flare stacks an unknown toxic substance in Texas city,east of Houston ,several days ago. That substance was so toxic to levels so extreme that meters , that warn the public , were unable to register . The EPA,a federal agency, entrusted to regulate these companies were mum about disclosing anything . KTRH 13,an Houston ABC TV affiliate ,does investigative reporting and gets results unlike the lame news outlets of Laredo. KTRH is on the case and advised the public that hundreds of residents living close to the BP were hospitalized and tried to get answers from both BP along with the EPA to no avail. So much for transparency that O Bama promised . BP’s track record is extremely poor yet the feds do not ban them. As with all energy or industry companies puts profit before safety or the environment . BP has yet to pay millions to the federal government for safety violations. Really doubt that fracturing will go away with many getting sick or even dying because of it and the EPA on the sidelines doing absolutely NOTHING !!

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