Mailbox Three

Bordertown Blues had his entries on mailboxes so here is mine.

About two months ago, a crooked little sticker appeared on my mailbox. Weird. It was obviously from the US Postal Service so I left it alone.

I finally caught up with the mail carrier and asked “What is up with the sticker??” I was surprised to learn that mail carriers are now required to check in once an hour – which translates to about every 8 blocks. My mailbox is one of the check-in spots that they have to scan.

While I understand why the USPS implemented the program, it is kinda… I don’t know… silly? Grown employees being checked on every hour? Ok, if you must.


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2 Responses to Mailbox Three

  1. ___ el cartero says:

    ___Newman (el de Seinfeld) will not like this, big brother is watching

  2. Jim M. says:

    are you on linkedin?

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