Vagasauruz takes on the TAKS

One of the YouTube channels I follow is Vagasauruz. Why? Just curious as to who these local teens are who go around with a dinosaur piñata head rapping some possibly original stuff.

Now that TAKS testing is just about over, Mr. Vagasauruz brings us this little ditty:

Notice the beautiful LISD backgrounds – those that include the Vidal M. Treviño school downtown. Don’t go VMT, don’t go!! Downtown Laredo loves you!


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8 Responses to Vagasauruz takes on the TAKS

  1. YayaOrchid says:

    These kids are really talented! I am very impressed. And I agree, VMT should stay downtown, the buildings are beautiful!

  2. ___ Cowboy Joe says:

    ___this is what we pay big bucks for ?, to have a magnet school for this junk ?, heck, any fool can make a rap video . . .

  3. ajluvr says:

    i think its kool it keeps the kids off the streets


    This is one of my students from Cigarroa High who also attends the VMT Magnet School. He is very talented and creative and I think it’s wonderful for these kids to get creatively involved with school and community. Vagasauraz is a member of the National Honor Society and is one of the nicest kids you will ever meet. He should serve as a role model for other students to express themselves creatively in different mediums, without fear. In my opinion he is a leader and is wise beyond his years. Those who have negative things to say, I say to you…what have you done to inspire or entertain us lately?

  5. rap says:

    i like topic…. thanks..

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