Books for sale

It is with sadness that I let you know that new books are at 40% off at Laredo Books & More. Special orders are still negotiable.

Ah yes, I know many of you suspected it was coming once big business (aka Books A Million, the 3rd largest bookseller in the US) announced it was opening up in Laredo. Mom & pop shops have a hard time competing so we are liquidating because it takes time to sell inventory & equipment – little by little. It will take Books A Million some time to hire and take possession of the store equipment so we won’t see any movement. It’s all good, though.

Over at Laredotejas, he announced the job posting but … I think the company already did their interviewing and selecting. The posting has been up for some time. We will see in a day or two if any announcements are made.

If you hadn’t had a chance to stop by Laredo Books & More, you are welcomed to do so every day, except Sunday, after 12pm. We are on the 2nd floor of the Laredo Public Library in one of the city’s private/public collaborations. It may be hard to believe but the library did fairly well in having Mary sell its used and discarded books. I hope the Friends of the Library continue what Mary started and sell the used books maybe once a week or so.

If you are in the neighborhood, come on over, talk to Mary and buy a book – consider it doing a “good deed” for a small business owner.

UPDATE: Yes, I knew, and, no, I wasn’t allowed to say that Mary Benavides will be taking on the job as Books-A-Million manager. She finally got the go-ahead to talk about it today but your faithful blogger at least hinted enough about it for the media to begin doing their reporting. The city of Laredo has sent out a press release and this is their last paragraph:

Benavides has signed on to become manager of the new Books-A-Million bookstore which will open at Mall Del Norte sometime in mid-May. The bookstore chain will host a job fair this Tuesday, April 5, 2011 from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at Mall Del Norte, located at 5300 San Dario Avenue. For more information, contact 334-9056.


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2 Responses to Books for sale

  1. tricia driscoll says:

    I hate to hear that!!! I am actually trying to find a home for 14 boxes of books that I am finally ready to part with. I had considered Mary’s store and the Book Nook- but am seriously not sure if they can accept the quantity. I’m still researching options- I don’t have time to post hundreds of books to Amazon or Craig’s List-

    Always sad to hear a business is struggling-

  2. Lisa says:

    A heartfelt thank you to Mary who made sure Laredo was not without a bookstore for long. I have heard what an amazing woman she is and so valuable to the community. Best wishes to her from her many fans that she doesn’t even know exist. Whatever you do next, Mary, you can count on support from you community just as you have supported us.

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