Annual Cesar Chavez March – I didn’t forget

I have been meaning to post the announcement for the annual Cesar Chavez march – I am usually there but can’t make it this year to honor his work. If you make it out, feel free to send photos and I will post them here. Check out last year’s event on a past post.

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6 Responses to Annual Cesar Chavez March – I didn’t forget

  1. carolyn Leyendecker says:

    You finally realized you cannot be everywhere at the same time. Too much going on.

  2. ___ GI Joe (de Viet-nam) says:

    ___i was there, waving the UFWOC flag, sorry i misssed you . . .

  3. ___ Daily Bob says:

    ___nuttin ever happens in Laredo, nada que Hacer (NQH)

    ___saw “Carmen” at the LCC Fine Arts theater, marched for Cesar, danced the night away at Danny”s on McPher

  4. rick78 says:

    Sparse attendance no doubt . If it’s not WBCA most Laredoans do not attend. You see when any Hispanic , Chicano , Mexicano iconic figure ,or however you wish to name your ethnicity, most RAZA will not attend for that iconic figure is a mirror that will reflect the true identity of those , A NOPALERO ! Most see these iconic figure’s recognition as Un- American . Has to be WBCA the true heritage of Laredo’s NOPALEROS !

  5. ___cute chola says:

    ___ansina es Rickeeeee, la raza no quiere valer . . .

  6. ENCU says:

    Que palabras… El pensamiento fenomenal, excelente

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