Hazard on Calton

As most of you know by reading Bordertown Blues, the LareDOS monthly newspaper is out. They featured this interesting photo essay of scattered documents, cardboard and all kinds of stuff in bundles that were not really in their bundles anymore.

Courtesy of LareDOS alternative newspaper

I had actually taken photos of this warehouse on Calton Road LAST YEAR (Feb. 2010) when I wanted to write about fire hazards (never got around to it). What this means is that in ALL of this past year, they have been just sitting there, getting wet, getting frozen, getting burnt by the Laredo sun, getting worse and worse until you get the above pictures. What surprised me the most about the LareDOS find was the UISD boxes – uh, isn’t carelessness what has LISD searching for CDs with social security number data? Or does UISD have the same attitude the LISD Board president does as quoted in the Texas Tribune’s story:

Beckelhymer also added that, while he doesn’t like “sharing” Social Security numbers, he doesn’t think the fact that they’re missing is “a big deal.”

This is what those same stacks looked like last year:

Yep, I still think its a fire hazard.

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2 Responses to Hazard on Calton

  1. MaryHelen says:

    I’m thinking that the only reason the school district hasn’t been struck with information leaks and blackmail is that no one is interested. The school district might have paid someone to destroy those files but the contractor got lazy? It’s a legal mess waiting to happen….and way too easy. Hopefully, now that it’s been “uncovered”, the complete destruction of these files will be imminent.

  2. MaryHelen says:

    Oh, and one more thing…Code Enforcement Department officials should be on top of this!

    Sec. 15-40. Unlawful growth or accumulations.

    It shall be unlawful for any owner or lessee of any lot or premises within the city limits to allow weeds to grow upon the lot or premises or on the abutting sidewalk or sidewalks or to allow trash or rubbish to accumulate upon such lot or premises, or on the abutting sidewalk or sidewalks, to such an extent as is reasonably calculated to create a fire hazard or to become injurious to the health of others, and, in addition to the penalties provided herein, and the remedies provided herein, either condition is hereby deemed to constitute a public nuisance.
    (Ord. No. 2005-O-114, § 1, 5-16-05)

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