The Bender at midnight

I went hunting for bitter oranges for the Rotary booth at the Farmers Market this Saturday. Of course, I decided to go at midnight and just pick oranges that hang over the sidewalks… I only got 12 :(. Now accepting bitter orange donations – feel free to drop them off at Laredo Books & More!

I have to tell you, the St. Peter’s area and Jarvis Plaza are absolutely peaceful and beautiful in the middle of the night. There was nobody on the street, just cars passing by and then… I looked up. The Bender Hotel (which has been abandoned for several months and boarded up with a for sale sign) had a light in an upper North window. Makes me wonder… uy cucuy!!

The old Bender Hotel at midnight on March 16th

The other middle light is a reflection. Who could be wandering the halls of the Bender Hotel at night??? Cue creepy music.

On a creepier note, earlier in the night when there are a lot more people on the streets, I saw a stupid guy with his bike as he packed away his white spray paint in a backpack. I assume he had just spray painted the side of the Bengal Convenience store with some talentless dribble. It isn’t interesting video but I thought I would share anyway. I did report it but… how can anyone catch him if I can’t shoot decent video at night?

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3 Responses to The Bender at midnight

  1. Que Fregados says:

    I forgot I was going to include the Pro8News report about the missionaries who think they are living dangerously in Laredo:

    I saw the article earlier this week and was going to write about it but then thought – nah, these are just “look at us, we want your sympathy for choosing to live in Laredo” types of people who want attention and to be praised for their “braveness.” Maybe I should have invited them to join me on my neighborhood watch to catch taggers in action or to enjoy the silence of downtown Laredo at midnight. They would have cramped my style – I was better off walking alone, a woman with a cane who has just discovered she cannot skip (am working on it, though), in the middle of the night of the most dangerous place on earth – LAREDO!

  2. BT Blues says:

    The video of Bigfoot walking through the woods was clearer than that, QF! Sorry, but America’s Most Wanted will be unable to upload the footage.

    • Que Fregados says:

      Hahaha – I warned you it was a bad video. Just like my picture of the guy stealing a generator from Home Depot. All I got was the employee running after the car.

      I should have just done a sketch of the CRIMINAL (ha). Just wait ’til you see my river monster footage šŸ˜›

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