Does Men’s Health have something against Laredo?

First Men’s Health magazine ranks Laredo as one of the happiest cities in the U.S. in 2005. Then Laredo Morning Times wrote a story about Laredo being ranked by Men’s Health magazine’s worse city to live in 2009 and also one of the stupidest in 2010.

Now, Men’s Health is at it again, trying to make us feel all self-conscious about being who we are and how we are (clarification – tongue in cheek). Now they are ranking us near the BOTTOM when it comes to our socially networked status. Only El Paso is worse according to this latest un-scientific poll.

Well, WHATEVER. If you are reading this blog post, you can attest to the residents of Laredo that ARE socially networked. I am looking at my friend list on Facebook which is at about 3,256 facebook “friends” – again, more evidence of social connectivity (clarification note – 1/2 of those “friends” are my family and out-of-Laredo fans, they don’t count in my point that those are the ONLY socially connected people in Laredo of the 250,000 estimated in this area).

Laredo may not have gotten the same points as other cities but it is a city that loves its MySpace and Bebo, still (clarification – MySpace and Bebo are older, less used social sites, ’twas a little joke that I guess is not so funny). Maybe a reader here or there might also want to give blogging a shot – and while we are at it… maybe start a texting, twittering & facebook campaign to let Men’s Health magazine that Laredoans know their way around a keyboard.

This is what March 2011’s had to say:

We started by calculating the number of Facebook and LinkedIn users per capita, followed by overall Twitter usage (NetProspex). Then we looked at traffic generated by the major social networks, including Myspace, Friendster, Reddit, and Digg (analyzed by ad network Chitika). Finally, after factoring in the percentage of households that check out chat rooms and blogs (SimplyMap), we had the results you see below. Go ahead, tell a friend.

And with their last “Go ahead, tell a friend” remark, I recognize that I have just been played via social media :(. By first spotting this ranking in a tweet, then searching for other similar links on Facebook and looking up more of their Men’s Health “lists” on Digg, I have done what they wanted me to do. I have also used social media a bit more. Oh well, it was an interesting topic to rank. (Clarification – writing about this Men’s Health ranking was intentional but definitely not important. Maybe we bloggers will take up creating rankings for the sake of having others spread our results.)

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9 Responses to Does Men’s Health have something against Laredo?

  1. despeinad@ says:

    Do we really care?

  2. rick78 says:

    The point is high dense Hispanic populated cities throughout this country do not count , in essence we are an invisible race. We will never be mainstream so as reader despeinad said “do we really care “?

  3. BT Blues says:

    Shoot, don’t be too defensive QF, they may have a point. While you may have 3,00+ “friends” (very well connected, I may add) that is a far cry in a city that really has little social networking productivity. (Texting does not count as social media platforms go.) If there are a dozen bloggers, that is a tiny percentage out of a city of 200K or so.

    Besides, the Bordertown does not really focus on social networking just like it does not delve into the realm of that new fandangled invention–the internet.

    There are few wi fi connections, most people do not know what Twitter is, and the atrociously low socioeconomic mean ($33K) suggests that few people use Linked in, the professional (i.e. white collar) social platform.

    So, if Laredo is low at a Men’s Health report, perhaps it is a valid take. Besides, in the grand scheme of things, as someone else pointed out, it does not matter one iota.

    • Que Fregados says:

      Haha – I was wondering why I got your comment & I just reread my unproofed post. It was meant as tongue-in-cheek but I guess I failed at 2am to convey that the only connected folks in Laredo are the 3,000 and even then, only a few will read it – hence the “if”. The MySpace & Bebo comment was also supposed to be a joke & now that I read it… most will miss the point, especially because they do have these accounts – ha! Even my link is off.

      So now this comment on your comment will come off as defensive too. Oh well, but believe me, really, I do know that Laredo is not the hub of social networking or even tech friendly. I wrote it with the end paragraph in mind – that Men’s Health knows their polls get picked up and reposted and shared and that I had just played in to their hands again. It really is a “whatever” post :).

  4. BT Blues says:

    Let’s make our own poll, then. 🙂

    • Que Fregados says:

      Ah yes – vamos a ver, a ver…

      A poll about who has the most taco places per mile?? Laredo could definitely be in the top ten. Then we would have Springfield, Montana or Springfield, Vermont or maybe even Springfield, Alabama reporting on it and reposting it because they would be in the “least” taco-ified city.

      Or maybe a poll on the number of stray dogs in the city… nah… I’ve seen a few city’s worse than Laredo.

      The only poll I ever did was to ask what the zodiac sign of those who comment on this blog. Why someone was curious about that, I don’t know.

      • despeinad@ says:

        Well, my friends from abroad always comment on how friendly and hospitable Laredoans are and on how beautiful the women are in this town. Worth our own poll? How would you measure this? De gustibus non est disputandum…

        • Que Fregados says:

          Ahi Despeinada – you went and made me look up what your Latin phrase means. If only I had a poll that would cover the number of languages you know – Laredo doesn’t know how rich it is in smart people. I still want to take French if you plan to teach. Maybe all polls should be created in Spanglish so that Laredo is more represented – ha!

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