Bakersfield father searches for son missing in N.L. Mexico

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A story out of Bakersfield, California tells us about another sad story of someone who has disappeared in Nuevo Laredo:

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — Eufrocino Martinez spends hours on his laptop computer scouring the Internet for any signs or messages that someone has seen his son, Richard Martinez, who disappeared on July 31 in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.

“Where is he? How did he disappear from the face of the earth? Is he at the bottom of the ocean?” said an emotional Eufrocino Martinez, who lives in Bakersfield.

Thirty-five-year-old Richard Martinez was separated from his wife, who lived in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, just across the border from Laredo, Texas. Richard Martinez had landed a job as a computer technician on the United States side and moved to Texas.

How many other disappearances have not been reported locally? Even Laredo’s our own Laredo’s Missing website no longer is kept up. I know the family’s have not given up hope, it just seems like the rest of our community feels… I don’t really know. What do you feel, community?


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2 Responses to Bakersfield father searches for son missing in N.L. Mexico

  1. ___ SILLY MILLIE says:

    ___HHHHeeeeeeYYYYYYYY, never forget that there are Laredo Parents that are looking for their children MISSING in nuevo laredo, u don’t gotta go to CaLIFORNIA

  2. rick78 says:

    The saga of denial continues ,,,,,

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