Life at LIFE

Cowboy sombreros and not very related t-shirts

The Laredo International Fair & Exposition held this past weekend was the central focus for all things cowboy & farm oriented – it was completely SODAGERF EUQ!! That is, the opposite of que fregados :P.

I’ve got friends who are dedicated members of the Texican Cattle Women organization but that is the extent of what I know about ranch life. They held a brisket cook-off where Big T’s BBQ came in first place.

Photo courtesy of Christy Leyendecker

It was interesting to check out the hard work that the students of Future Farmers of America (FFA) put in to their animals – now that is a lesson many can use.

I was there for the book model contest, though. The music was kickin’ and the crowd was lively. I am not that familiar with Tejano music but it really brings out the crowds. The announcement for the book cover models was made right before Los Palominos hit the main stage. In the meantime, Aurora Santos and Carlos Garcia (who will appear on the cover of Storm Love) took a picture with Guerra Communications DJ Jerry Rodriguez, aka El Papi Chulo.

Carlos Garcia, DJ Papi Chulo, Aurora Santos

Shortly after, the were announced as the winners of the book cover casting call and were given autographs by all the members of Los Palominos, Tejano band.

The South Texas Food Bank's "Ranchers for the Hungry" shirt worn by Pancho Farias

One of the coolest bits of information to hear was that the South Texas Food Bank got thousands of dollars worth of meat from various hunters and ranchers to feed local people served by the food bank. YAY!

How great to hear of the generosity in this community that has big needs.

In all, the LIFE Fair seemed to be a huge success except for some of its signs…

Uhm... does that include party animals??


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2 Responses to Life at LIFE

  1. ___ Cowboy Joe says:

    ___getting to be almost a “major league” county fair, . . now if only they were better organized and had a way to eliminate the Lonnnnnnnnnnnnnng lines, to get in, for beer tokens, for food tokens, for choice foods, for . . . ah, ferget eeet !

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