The Reen has talent!

Rene Mendez was just a young lad who liked to sing in the shower a few years ago… he then discovered, “chicks dig my singing, guys envy my strumming.” Ok, ok, I made that up but I did meet him when he was just starting out and boy have we seen Rene go places.

Rene is now The Reen. Sister… errr.. brother blog Bordertown Blues (he is a brother but blogs I guess are sisters, no? I don’t know) just covered his benefit concert at the Center for the Arts on Friday.

Some time ago, hanging out at the Center for the Arts during Dia de los Muertos (hence, the Posada inspired Calaca behind Rene)

I was hoping that more of Laredo would get to know and hear “The Reen” before he heads out in March to act in an indie film!! Woohoooo!

I asked the Producer/Director, Erik Armenta of Por Fin Productions, to tell me a little more about the work they are about to do.

In the three years of our existence, we’ve produced 2 shorts and a teen show. We are now in production of our first major film called PIRACY. Piracy is a movie about a young girl and her friends made millions bootlegging first run movies to not only north America but China and Europe as well. The movie stars Amanda Gutierrez and Laredo’s very own Rene Mendez. I originally wrote this movie 4 years ago while talking with a Guy that apparently had worked for a piracy Mafia. We had casted this movie two years ago but er were put on hold due to lack of funds. We now have financial backing and we begin filming in March mostly here in San Antonio with stops in destin Florida and Vegas. This will be my first time directing a big film like this. … In fact that’s where I meet rene..he was trying out at a GLEE casting call. I thought he had the look and the talent for the movie. Rene plays a detective assigned to the anti piracy division. We anticipate the movie will premiere in November in San Antonio. Rene has asked to have a Laredo screening which I’m all for it. Our hope is the film gets in a film festival like Sundance or SXSW.

We, his fans and supporters, are very excited for him. For sure this blogger will support getting a Laredo screening of the film once it is out. On his blog, Rene also posted a promo piece he did for the concert coming up, check it out:

You can also find more of his original music on his MySpace page (if you didn’t know, myspace still exists šŸ˜› and many artists use it effectively to share their music). Check out some of his music here. Good luck, buddy!!


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8 Responses to The Reen has talent!

  1. MaryHelen says:

    Go Reen!! You’ve got my vote! šŸ™‚

  2. Rene Mendez says:

    Rene is my son and his musical talent is in his genes. I’ve been singing since I can remember. On one occasion I was strumming my guitar and singing short pieces. Rene always listened intently and would touch the guitar to feel and hear the sound. One time we were coming from church and as I started to sing everyone got into the act and low and behold his sisters also had a knack for singing and before we knew harmony evolved. The rest is history.

    • Que Fregados says:

      OMFitB… I can see the family resemblance! Not only do I know you but his sister (your daughter) was one of the physical therapy assistants who helped teach me to walk again. Laredo may be pretty big but it feels so small sometimes.

    • Walter Lampe says:

      I enjoyed the interview with “The Reen” very much and believe he has a great future.

      I am responding to his fathers comments about “The Reen” and wondered if his father is the same Rene Mendez that was in the U.S. Navy around 1962 – 1964 and was stationed aboard the USS Amphion (AR-13) out of Norfork, Virginia. There was a guy in my division by the name of Rene Mendez from Larado, Texas. He and two other shipmates attended my wedding in Fitzgerald, Georgia in April, 1963. The two guys he came down with from the ship were known as Squirrel and the other Spider.

      If this, by chance is the same Rene Mendez, I would appreciate if you would give him my E-Mail address. I have to be in Houston often and would like to talk to him again.


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