Deadline for book cover models

Bonnie Mata is looking for two men and one woman to serve at the models for her upcoming, 2nd book, Storm Love. I already told you about it, though!

She is a local author and, if truth be told, my friend :). Esta media loquita pero la quiero mucho. She writes romance with a touch of … you know what – and that is the reason why she is looking for hunky guys willing to take their shirt off and a 20-something year old Tejana with long dark hair that can have a “come hither… and read this book” look. This isn’t a beauty contest, it is more a casting call to see which three characters can fit the profile of the people in the book. The setting is South Texas and New York, but she really is looking for a Tejano look, whatever that may be.

Photographer Andy Segovia is going to do the photoshoot and artwork for the cover – nice, huh? So you have a better idea of the characters, this is their description:

Mia Garcia, the Protagonist: as the primary character, she pines for the love of two men in different parts of the world, different times in her life. She has long hair – brown tone color, a lean figure, and is in her mid-20’s.

Wolf Benavidez, the Rancher: As Mia’s love interest, he is the strong, silent type. His build is muscular, has hazel eyes (but not necessary for the photo), brown hair and a goatee, and is in his late 20’s.

Palmiro Rossi, the NY Police Detective: As Mia’s comfort and responsible shoulder to lean on, he has a muscular build, wavy brown hair, is of Italian descent and in his mid-20’s.

I had said I was going to post the application and well, it is the day before the deadline, but I know you can come up with two snapshots of yourself and fill out the simplest of application forms. You can even do it electronically! Click here for the application.

Once you have the application filled out and your favorite pictures ready, send them to or drop them off at Laredo Books & More (2nd floor of the main library) by Tuesday, February 22nd. The selected trio will be announced at the LIFE fair at the beginning of Los Palominos show. A big thank you to Guerra Communications for also helping spread the word and giving Bonnie some time to announce local people on a locally written book.


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3 Responses to Deadline for book cover models

  1. ___ el chavo $i puede says:

    ___mia, palmiro and wolfie, wowie !, i can’t hardly wait to take off my shirt for the foto shoot, Errrr, do i need to shave or just dye my chest of hair ???

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