The big parade and little farmers market is finally here!

As we near the end of the annual month of craziness, aka the Washington’s Birthday Celebration month, Laredo is flipped upside down with out of town visitors and events morning and night.

Tomorrow morning is the highlight for some people – the big parade. Traffic has been slow all along San Bernardo all day long as campers and squatters take their spots. A few enterprising home owners are also renting their seating for the day. Crazy, crazy. As I said, I won’t be at this WBCA event either. I’ll be with all the lonesome area growers at the monthly Farmers Market.

If you park nearby or are really thirsty or just want to try what I sell… stop by the Rotary booth. I am experimenting with Seville orangeade made from local Laredo bitter oranges. Proceeds will go to help us raise money for a water filtration project for drinking water in the colonias. We seem to be raising it one dollar at a time, though, but it is fun.

And if you haven’t stopped by the “going out of business” at Oscar’s Antiques, check it out until Sunday. I bought a candle holder although I was a little creeped out at a few items. I know my mother would have LOVED all the santos and nichos and other religious items. They kept telling me to “make an offer” so… go make an offer.

About Que Fregados

Que Fregados is a quirky look at little things that strike us funny in Laredo and the unique Latino culture. Suggestions and comments are welcome. You can also email to
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2 Responses to The big parade and little farmers market is finally here!

  1. Chicagoense says:

    I would love to be there. I like all the saints and nichos too.. Cool!! I appreciate you, “Que fregados” for your blog.

  2. Poncho1950 says:

    I share your sentiments about the statuary. It is a call to suffering, not what religion should be about.

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