Mayor Salinas goes to Washington

Our Mayor Salinas gets the microphone (at 5:23 of the video) at the Border and Maritime Security subcommittee:

Congressman Henry Cuellar quotes the description as:

On Tuesday, February 15, 2011, the Committee on Homeland Security’s Subcommittee on Border and Maritime Security held a hearing entitled “Securing our Borders — Operational Control and the Path Forward,” with Mayor of Laredo Raul Salinas

The city had sent out a press release letting us know the Mayor Salinas was going North to fight the good fight – whatever that might mean:

City of Laredo Mayor Raul G. Salinas will travel to Washington, D.C. this week to deliver testimony before the U.S. House Homeland Security Borders & Ports Subcommittee, a committee on which Congressman Henry Cuellar is the senior Democrat. On Tuesday, Mayor Salinas will testify that Laredo fully supports secure borders, because homeland security to the nation has always been hometown security to Laredo. Salinas will point out, however, that securing our borders must be done in a manner that does not close them to trade and community, of which Laredo, as the nation’s largest inland port, understands best how to secure and remain trade-friendly. Additionally, the United States owes its own border communities its best efforts to protect its citizens from the violence that is devastating the nation’s southern neighbor. By securing our border, the U.S. will also stop the flow of illegal guns, cash and stolen cars into Mexico, supporting that country’s efforts to end the drug war.

By way of illustrating the need for a continued commitment to trade, Mayor Salinas will share with the committee that “Laredo’s bridges handle just over 11,000 truck trips a day, a number that is down from 13,000 trips a day just two short years ago. While many in the nation eagerly await the Dow Jones Industrial Average’s return to 13,000 – I think the better barometer for economic recovery is when Laredo bridges are again serving 13,000 trucks,” his testimony reads.

Mayor Salinas will also call on Congress to reconfigure homeland security funding in these days of budget cuts to address threats. He will state: “Homeland security should compensate local communities that are providing protection and service to the nation.”

The mayor will close his testimony with a reminder to Congress “….that while ‘Mi casa es su casa’ is a traditional Mexican cultural greeting used in Laredo, it is equally important for Congress to respect that the nation’s border is our home.”

Photo courtesy of the city of Laredo. Either Mayor Salinas is losing weight or Congressman Cuellar is gaining...

He repeated what we know here – we have had 8 homicides (I am assuming last year) almost all solved, the crime rate is down, there has been a 20% decrease in stolen cars going South and 30% increase in violent crime. I keep saying, I feel safer in Laredo than I do in other places I have lived, EVEN THOUGH I might hear the gunfire and grenades exploding across the border in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.

His focus in his very short speech in the video was on decreasing the trafficking of guns and other stuff that goes into Mexico. Makes sense – all kinds of things go back and forth at the international border without necessarily affecting what happens in the residential areas of Laredo. Of course… that doesn’t mean there aren’t connections with some Laredoans to the cartel crime. Have we forgotten La Barbie that many went to school with or knew personally? There are several others out there but… they are still waiting to be caught.


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6 Responses to Mayor Salinas goes to Washington

  1. Keyrose says:

    I really hope there was more to the mayor’s presentation than that.

  2. rick78 says:

    Denial as usual , ” Come to Laredo all is safe ” !

    • Que Fregados says:

      That is where I disagree – No, Laredo is not totally safe, no place ever is. Denial would be saying there is no crime, he actually gave the statistics even if they don’t include all the stuff that doesn’t get reported. Compared to other cities, it is safer, though.

  3. Jorge Santana says:

    Laredo es una cuidad segura en mi opinión, si el crimen organizado te quiere matar por deudas pendientes te va a encontrar en Paris o en San Antonio, no importa el lugar, pero aquellas personas que tienen la consciencia tranquila no deben preocuparse, en Nuevo Laredo la historia cambia, debas o no, te toca ser parte del desastre, pero, no estamos en Nuevo Laredo y por más que me digan que se pueden “cruzar” los enfrentamientos de Nuevo Laredo a Laredo, Texas lo veo muy difícil, no son tan tontos los narcos para hacerlo. Hay una frontera que divide a dos ciudades pero lo más importante es que divide a dos países y no es fácil de cruzar, Al igual que Qué Fregados no creo pase de escuchar o hasta sentir las bombas, no debe haber preocupación.

    Si hubiera el peligro de que la violencia de México cruzara o afectara de manera inmediata a los residentes de Laredo, creanme ya lo habríamos notado, tendríamos a todo el ejercito estadounidense acá.

  4. ___lobbiest Sal says:

    ____didn’t he just got back from Washington ? . . . remember his trip made him so sick he had to go to the Hospital , , ,

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