Hockey Clubs

From the Great Whites Hockey website

You discover new things in Laredo every day. I didn’t know there were any other ice skaters besides the Laredo Bucks Hockey Team. Well… I probably didn’t know because I can barely balance in regular shoes and have only seen hockey during regular Bucks games.

Check out the Great Whites Hockey Organization. From their website:

Are you ready to play in a structured hockey environment? The Great Whites Adult Hockey Association is made up of a diverse group of hockey players from around the country, including Canada. The club currently has one coed team divided up as either the White Hogs or the Red Hogs and play against each other every week October through March with the exception of dates that fall on holidays. Please see the schedule for an updated list of league nights.

Aaron Elekes of All Texas Media had this pretty intense video on his YouTube channel. It almost makes me want to find some ice skates and try… just kidding. First I have to tackle jogging, then maybe someday, try ice skating but… not likely.

Aaron and his wife, Raquel, whose blog I have on my blog roll come from Canada. As you know, I have my favorite Canadians in Laredo Food Teasers but many people might not remember that we also had an influx of Canadian citizens moving to Laredo in past times.

There were waves of immigration from Canada (and also French and Japanese) after the passing of NAFTA (The North American Free Trade Agreement) which linked Mexico, the U.S. and Canada and at another time when the rules for nursing professional visas were lifted for nurses from Canada and the Philippines. This last wave of Canadians coming to Laredo was due to the start of ice hockey in one of the hottest places in the U.S.

We may still be around 90% Mexican or Mexican American in this “little” border town but you can’t avoid the impact than many immigrants have had in Laredo. If you just look at downtown Laredo’s residential areas, the architecture is as varied as the immigrants who settled here many years ago and brought their country’s style of homes. Interesting, interesting…

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