Laredo’s Top Models

Twenty-one women? That is it? That is all that showed up to the CW’s America’s Next Top Model casting call at Mall del Norte on Saturday, February 12? I was surprised considering that several were from out of town and as far as Mission, Texas. This was the casting call for all of this area and 21 was all that tried out. Weird, maybe if Tyra Banks herself would have come, there would have been a bigger turnout.

Not that I am a fan of the show but I was hoping more Laredo women would give themselves a chance. Well, if Top Model didn’t interest them, maybe trying out for a cover on an adult romance novel is more to someone’s liking. Author Bonnie Mata, who has been featured here before, is checking out area men and women to be on the cover of her sophomore novel, Storm Love.

I’ll save you the trip to go pick up the application if you are interested. Shoot an email to and I’ll send you the details.

By the way, the publisher is allowing for this variance because usually they do the cover artwork. Bonnie Mata wanted to see the community reflected in her book since she writes about South Texas and ranchers and Latinos of this area. She arranged for Andy Segovia to do the photoshoot and artwork of two men and one woman – the love triangle in the book. It is an adult novel, though, but a very romantic one. I’ll be letting you know more about this little venture in the coming days!

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7 Responses to Laredo’s Top Models

  1. ___weatherman says:

    ___gee, don’t you know someone from your close friends who would be appropo for this picture oppopor, it doesn’t take much talent to pose and with a little make-up here and there and a little padding here and there, oh well, forget it ! (where did the author get the idea for a storm story, it never hardly ever “STORMS” in our Laredo)

  2. ___chicano che says:

    ___es que all the “cholos y cholas” were busy at the Funfest and getting ready for the “aire” show . . .

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  4. Gaby says:

    I’ve been thinking of modeling and researching about it, the walk and pose. I’ve started to really like it.

    How often or when will you go back to laredo? I really want to give it a try.

  5. Maryori says:

    I have been looking forwerd to be a model.

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