Valentine Redesign – Bucks make “ghastly jersey” list

This was a cookie store, no?... oh wait, it still is under the avalanche of Valentine's day stuff

The guacatelas Valentinelas (I made that up) has arrived. Red balloons, red roses, red gaudy disposable crap everywhere (side photo taken today at the Mall del Norte). A handwritten love letter is much more valuable than … nevermind, this post is about the gaudy stuff invading our space around this time of year.

photo credit from Yahoo Sports - Sidearm Delivery

There is no better example than an older 2007 Laredo Bucks Jersey being on a yahoo list of “ghastly Valentine’s Day jerseys.” Eagle-eyed reader, Ray Gonzalez, (who also has photography talent!) sent this entry in – now it leaves us wondering, what the next special event Bucks jerseys will look like…

As I have said in past posts, I prefer the way some Latin American countries celebrate Valentine’s Day – it is more about love and friendship. The Laredo Bucks won’t mind some friendly ribbing about their jerseys, right? They are the friend of many charities out there. Personally, I can’t wait for the March 12th Law Enforcement Bucks game, complete with tailgate party.

Good luck to the Laredo Bucks in today’s game (benefiting Autism organization) and on Tuesday. Let’s keep it friendly out there, especially with Valentine’s Day right around the corner. ¡Feliz dia de el Amor y la Amistad!

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One Response to Valentine Redesign – Bucks make “ghastly jersey” list

  1. ___Rusty (common name) says:

    ___Must be a slow day for Laredo’s blogger when the only topic worth disching is the franchise’s appropo Jerseys , (question is, would Jorge Washigton have worn one of those while crossing the Rio Grande, Bravo to some)

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