Give me a W! Give me a B! Give me a … you know its that time of the year!

They are coming faster than what I can keep up!!! The annual WBCA programs are just zooming on by. As I said before, I did not plan to go to any of the planned events and I was doing so well – no Abrazo ceremony, no Commander’s Reception, No Tequila Tasting (I DID want to go to that one), no Jamboozie (love the music, hate the crowds), no Wine Tasting, no Noche de Cabaret and no Taste of Laredo.

I was then told tickets were waiting for me for the American Historical Theatre – in my mind, I said “¡Guacatelas!” but I am glad I went. It was actually very well done, well… they are professionals from out of town. I like history but thought it would be boring – it wasn’t and even EL PARTNER was at full attention. He said the best part was the Q&A when Benjamin Franklin and George Washington answered questions as if it were during that time period. It sure beats having to see past Laredo Georges struggling at Kids’ Cafes because they look the extremely fancy part but can’t answer curious kids’ basic Washington questions.

I chose this clip because you have Washington who wants out of politics, worrying about the next round of elections. As is human nature, he knows that people will bash politicians and even reads newspaper headlines that have started in on him. Of course, we do that with our current politicians. Not that they don’t deserve some of the criticism but they get it from all sides – especially us bloggers!

If you missed it, I am sure you can check out next year’s program. Who knows – maybe The American Historical Theatre can do a mini-reenactment of the Botas and Guaraches conflict that took place on our own St. Agustin Plaza. I would LOVE to see that!! Any volunteers?

None, huh?

Apparently the chill in the air kept people away from the carnival which has started over at the LEA parking lot. I didn’t go in, I just passed by:

The carnival set up for the WBCA with few attendants and a lot of cold

Hopefully by the time the WBCA parade rolls around, it will be warmer. The bleachers are already being set up on the parade route scheduled for February 19th.

The bleachers are going up in preparation for the big WBCA parade

Ah, the WBC – can’t love it, can’t avoid it. Let’s see what other pleasant surprises may lie ahead.

Oh, I almost forgot. The question of what Laredo bloggers call their significant others keeps coming up. Mine is el parter, because he is my partner. If you have other suggestions of what we to call the person we love and spend time with, I will be on the Que Fregados chat room at noon tomorrow (will click off at 12:30ish). If you are on your lunch break, chat with me about it. Maybe you can come up with a better name for the anonymous dude.


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5 Responses to Give me a W! Give me a B! Give me a … you know its that time of the year!

  1. MaryHelen says:

    I “LOL’d” when I saw the word “¡Guacatelas!” cuz I thought only my family said it. 😉

    I hope I bump into you at some of the non-events in the next couple of weeks! I have lots of personal stories regarding WBCA stuff! 🙂

    How about the KidsFest at LCC? It’s mainly free. Maybe I’ll see you there.

  2. ___Angelmio (common name) says:

    ___How about calling those especially close to you by their given names, for example George, Andy or Harry and Mary, Duvina or Gracie if you partner,better half, media naranja, or life partner happens to be of the femenine gender, (now that is a novel idea) . . .

  3. rick78 says:

    Not to panic nothing to miss on WBC events pura raza celebrating white aristocrats slave owners. Now Marti Gras events with French descendants then St. Patty’s day events with real Micks up here and summer time Juneteenth an African American event . Almost forgot Cinco de Mayo a real event up here as well. No hypocrisy on these events.

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