Laredo, where romance is nil

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Dang it! RedBox videos are rented by too many Laredoans who’ve now made us the LEAST ROMANTIC CITY.

This time I can’t blame El Partner for not writing me love letters; it is just the Laredo in him. Wait. He does hold my hand and put up with all my ocurrencias, though… uhm, ok, I take that back.

It is just the rest of Laredo that is unromantic!

(Oakbrook Terrace, IL) — Greensboro, North Carolina has been named America’s most romantic city by redbox.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the self-service movie rental company issued this rating based on the percentage of romantic comedies rented at redbox kiosks in different cities in 2010.

In second place on the redbox most romantic list is La Crosse, Wisconsin, followed by Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Buffalo, New York and Green Bay, Wisconsin.

The place rated as least romantic, based on redbox romantic comedy movie rentals, is Laredo, Texas. (emphasis mine)

Also on the least romantic list are Eureka, California, Tucson, Arizona and Las Vegas.

Oh wait again. I prefer drama, thrillers and comedy… I guess I am also to blame for our unromantic city designation!


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14 Responses to Laredo, where romance is nil

  1. rick78 says:

    Sounds about right, el Laredo machismo male really doesn’t care about romance . It’s all about them, hence the high divorce rate.

  2. El Despiste says:

    They’ve got it all wrong. It’s totally romantic to ignore the romantic comedy. Here’s how it goes. You rent an action or horror flick, get your primo or prima to look after the kids (gotta keep ’em entertained), and you and your honey are out the door for a cruise down la San Be, singing the Border Town Blues and yelling que fregados! when someone honks. Then you drive by Mami Chula’s for a refresco, take in a quick nutritious meal at TP and you go the carnival where you win your babe a stuffed animal. Love Laredo style!

  3. christy says:

    I don’t rent movies

  4. Raymundo says:

    How many romantic spanish language films are on redbox?

  5. El Despiste says:

    El Machete! Machete don’t watch The Notebook!

  6. ___dr. ruth says:

    ___if you all would stop referring to your life partners as “my better half”, “mi media naranja”, “el partner” and “mi viejo/vieja”, then perhaps . . .

  7. Akio says:

    I totally agree with the list.

    And lol @ El Despiste’s: Machete.

  8. ___macho dude says:

    ___just this week, i’ve called her every morning and evening. gone dancing con ella, Longoria screening con ella , seen George W. together, we ate caldo de pollo to combat “el frio” juntos at a neighborhood “fonda”, walked across the river to nuevo laredo “mano a mano”, and still to come is the big “V” (valentine) weekend, un gran buquet de Rosas at her workplace, if this is not ROMANTIC, i don’t know what is. . . . (and just where do i submit my list ?)

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