A Washington and Franklin buddy play?

The most riveting night of entertainment is TONIGHT – well, I take the riveting back, but it should be the most educational of all the WBCA events. The American Historical Theatre plays a Texas premiere of “A Rising and a Setting Sun” – a George Washington and Ben Franklin buddy play (I should read the whole press release, huh?). I wonder if the Marthas, the Pocahontases and the rest of the Washington party peeps are required to attend??

I HAD said I wasn’t going to any Washington’s Birthday Celebration Association event in 2011 but I guess if the tickets are free… and I am being asked to go… I might learn a thing or two. I love a good historic tale anyway.


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4 Responses to A Washington and Franklin buddy play?

  1. ___Potomac Sal says:

    ___he comes every year and he is very authentic, believeable and surprisingly humorous, i’ve seen him the past two years .

  2. ___dr. ruth says:

    ___ahem !

  3. Maximiliano says:

    Ben: But my dear fellow, how will ye explaineth the bounty of slaves that toil on your estate?
    George: Come, come Benjamin, It’s not a bounty, please recall that whereas you say I have 50 count, I merely have 30 count.
    Ben: Ahh, yes, I apologize for having failed to consider that they number but three-fifths of a person.
    George: Think nothing of it my dear freind, As one free white property owner to another, remember- the constitution serves us, and us only in its priorities.

    Ben: Well said my good man. You continually reminde me of why you are indeed our President, Sire. Methinks one day, even some desolate town far away, perhaps even somewhere in the New Spanish Empire will dedicate an astounding celebration in your honor Sire.
    George: And well they should, the heathens….and well they should.

    Yeah, I think I’ll go with an open mind also.

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