Criminal mascots in Laredo!

What the…?? What is our mascot loving city going to do with crooked thieving mascots? What kind of an example is that? I think it will get attention but… not for whatever group it is trying to get help selling tickets for its game.

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Bucky Arrested, posted with vodpod

I hope there wasn’t a real crime taking place somewhere and I hope this doesn’t start a trend with other once wholesome mascots in “peace-loving” Laredo. And what was up with resisting arrest (yes, I like to start my sentences with “and”)? Talk about getting FREGADO, sheesh!

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8 Responses to Criminal mascots in Laredo!

  1. MaryHelen says:

    That’s so ridiculous! Why doesn’t Bucky give free tickets to the orphanage for publicity? At least that’s more a positive image. Sheeeeeeesh! *shaking head*

  2. Jacob says:

    The Bucks have given tickets to the orphanage and have done numerous other things for charity that isn’t for publicity. They routinely make trips to see the kids in the hospital, they go to they schools, they held a girl scouts day and they have raised money for WINGS. I don’t see how this is any different than “arresting” public figures to raise money?

    • Que Fregados says:

      The Bucks do quite a bit of service in the community but this was showing Bucky stealing a zamboni, trying not to get arrested, and billed as a crime. It is a very different feel from the fundraisers that “lock-up” people for doing good (which I don’t like either but not for the same reason) and expect the community to “bail” them out. How did Bucky encourage people to buy tickets?

  3. Tom Wade says:

    While I support the Bucks in most everything they do, this publicity action did not sit well with me. No group should ever use the commission of a crime, like vehicle theft, even in jest, to promote an event. There are much better ways to get attention.

    This one just baffled me, and I wonder who will take credit for it, or not.

  4. BT Blues says:

    I wish they would have clubbed him–LAPD style–for that publicity stunt.

  5. ___Chicano Sal says:

    ___you can either “eat” at the taste of los dos laredo’s or obtain cultural pride and political awareness at the view of “Longoria affair” . . .

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