Super Bowl is not part of WBCA?

Today is crazy day for us sports non-fans surrounded by football fans. I am neither for black & yellow nor green & yellow but I support my amigos.

The day starts at 6:00am when El Partner wakes up to start the brisket smoking. Then my favorite quiet time when I watch the Sunday re-run of the Kids’ Connection with Tim Gutierrez was interrupted by los amigos picking up the projector and screen.

It’s bad enough that I had to put up with the UFC fight last night, ugh. In the shopping frenzy to prepare for both the fight and Super Bowl, I got windburned or sunburned or some kind of burned. Apparently I am expected to be outside later on today 😦 or maybe I will just take my book and lock myself in with earplugs. Regardless, the game will be in Texas and almost counts as a WBCA event so I will try to be supportive, although…

I just may be the only Laredo resident that misses all of the WBCA events this year. Last night was the Noche de Cabaret sponsored by LULAC Council #7 (missed) and coming up on Tuesday is the Taste of Laredo at 6:30pm at the LEA (will also miss). It’s $22 per adult and $12 for children under 12 yrs. For last year’s view, this Laredo Kids’ Connection segment with the cutest little contributor gives you an idea of what your entry fee goes to:

Back to being a supportive friend. Wonder if los amigos will like my lentejas (lentil soup) – it will be my own WBCA event, The Taste of … ¡Que Fregados!


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Que Fregados is a quirky look at little things that strike us funny in Laredo and the unique Latino culture. Suggestions and comments are welcome. You can also email to
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One Response to Super Bowl is not part of WBCA?

  1. despeinad@ says:

    You’re not alone. I don’t participate in any of the WBCA events either.

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