Groupon clumps Laredo with others

Many in Laredo were excited about Groupon starting up Laredo service. Last week on January 19th, I got an email that said:

So the first Groupon offer I got was for the “Garden & Gun” Magazine – uh, well, I guess maybe… Everything else has been stuff like Brownsville massages or Edinburgh bagels. Boo!

I know that at least the Imaginarium and Laredo Books & More had submitted coupons for the Laredo Groupon. When (and if) they finally come up, people in the Valley are going to say “¡Que fregados! How did Laredo sneak in here!?!” (among other things)

Maybe we can convince Living Social to consider Laredo if Groupon doesn’t want us. The closest city for Living Social seems to be San Antonio.


Mashable recently wrote about Google’s upcoming launch of Google Offers. You may recall that Google tried buying Groupon for $6 billion and they said “no, thank you.” Google wants to cash in on the Groupon idea and the Google Offers might give Groupon a run for its money.

Let’s see which one makes good in Laredo first.

UPDATE: As of today, January 27, Living Social has added Laredo to its list of cities. YAY!!!


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7 Responses to Groupon clumps Laredo with others

  1. Maximilliano says:

    Yes, I’ve noticed that Laredo has been increasingly referred to as part of the Rio Grande Valley. I guess this is a designation that happens at some upper level of the census department or what? This last year in particular, I seen more articles referring to us as part of the valley. Funny, I don’t see too many citrus trees around. Well, there must be some cause i’ve seen the grapefruits at the farmer’s market.

    • Que Fregados says:

      Its not the census, it is just people ignoring our location – even my friends back home say I moved to “the valley.” I have to keep explaining that we are semi-arid, not tropical, and just as close to San Antonio than to the Valley.

      Groupon DID have a separate Laredo category (the link to my first story shows that it was starting here) but I guess they couldn’t get enough businesses to cooperate to kick it off. I tried to get the message out and even posted coupons but… no deal, we got clumped :(.

  2. MaryHelen says:

    My guess is that too many businesses are still relying on Mexican customers and thus will not yield to the possibility of local customers going for the Groupon Coupons. Pity.

  3. Poncho1950 says:

    Climate notwithstanding, Laredo is part of the Rio Grande Valley. It’s right on the river; the same can be said for towns farther upriver.

    “Gardens & Gun?” What’s next? Organic bullets?

    • Que Fregados says:

      Dang it, you made me go and look it up!! Haha – a little learning does me good. Webb County doesn’t fall into the counties considered the Rio Grande Valley according to Wikipedia I can see your point if we look at the Rio Grande and where Laredo is located – on its valley. For the sake of buying a group coupon from groupon, we ain’t in it.

      I almost got the deeply discounted subscription to Gardens & Gun – you never know what you can learn from its pages :).

  4. Well guys the wait is over. We not longer have to depend on Gropon or LS. We now have our own group buying site. Laredo’s own locally owned and operated. Check it out. If you know of any businesses interested, please drop us a line.

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