New drug forms?

A press release from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection about a recent bust mentioned liquid cocaine. Now I know I am a bit naive about drug use but liquid cocaine?? I didn’t even know this was one other form of drugs that these officers have to look for. I did a quick search for liquid cocaine and apparently, it is also an alcohol shot not containing coke.

The seizure occurred on Jan. 20 at the Gateway to the Americas Bridge. A CBP officer referred a 2004 Jeep Liberty driven by a female 34-year-old with a 36-year-old male passenger, both of them U.S. citizens from Laredo, for a secondary examination. In secondary, CBP officers conducted an intensive examination of the vehicle and discovered discrepancies in six liter bottles of beer. Further examination revealed that the bottles contained alleged liquid cocaine. The street value of the alleged liquid cocaine would vary depending upon various factors including final weight and purity following laboratory analysis.

I always think bundles, not liquid. Good for them on the bust! If only we could convince people to not use but… one thing at a time. Keep on catching ’em!


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