Mayor update

I may not really like the mayor but he is a human being that deserves good health. I hope it is just exhaustion and he recovers quickly.

For those who sent me texts asking for details, I broke the story but I am not official media to get any more information. This is what the city just put together – and it was after my info source called the PIO to ask if all was ok.


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6 Responses to Mayor update

  1. William says:

    No Comment. What’s the use!

  2. rick78 says:

    Improve the quality of life in Laredo ,hmmm guess that was very exhausting for him .

  3. BT Blues says:

    Didn’t Lindsey Lohan also suffer from the same type of work related exhaustion when she went to the hospital?

  4. ___Jorge y Martha, 1776 says:

    ___U don’t like the Mayor, U don’t like the city Manager, you don’t like Jorge y Martha, well, whom do you like ??? el chapo or calderon ???

  5. ___"not fond off" says:

    ___i am not here to gain your fondness, i am here to express my ignorant opinion and thank you for having the “huevos” to continue posting my wierd idiocrazy . . .

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