Who says Laredo doesn’t honor Martin Luther King Jr.?

Last week, a reader wrote asking what actions Laredo takes to honor the memory and words of Martin Luther King, Jr. I could only tell him about the activities that the AmeriCorps Service Members from the Colonias Program and Habitat for Humanity do for our community on this annual Day of Service. How sad is that?? I really do hope there are others in Laredo taking up service.

Everything starts with one person’s idea and it growing from there, right?

With that said, if you want to want to join us in celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. – I hope you can make it out tomorrow. It is nothing formal, just interested people meeting at St. Agustin Plaza at 1pm.

Lest we forget, Dr. King and the civil right movement had a tremendous impact in the US that even reached Laredo. Despite the increases in equal treatment and equal opportunities, we still get stereotypes like the one offered by Robert DeNiro during this speech at the award ceremony for the Golden Globes today. I cringed at his joke about the waiters having been deported. His joking was tame compared to some of what is still heard amongst ourselves. Maybe this day of reflection is what is needed, not just a day off, but a day of asking how we have been of service to others. Hope to see you at St. Agustin Plaza or letting us know what your service project was for MLK Day.


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Que Fregados is a quirky look at little things that strike us funny in Laredo and the unique Latino culture. Suggestions and comments are welcome. You can also email to quefregados@gmail.com.
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5 Responses to Who says Laredo doesn’t honor Martin Luther King Jr.?

  1. stxparrothead says:

    I have to work tomorrow, but will be out at Tierra Prometida on Thursday 🙂

  2. stxparrothead says:

    “Means we use must be as pure as the ends we seek. ”
    ~Martin Luther King, Jr.

  3. rick78 says:

    Yes MLK not only did this for the African Americans but for all . Do not forget Dr.,Hector Garcia was very instrumental in achieving civil rights as well. Racism is alive and well up here .

  4. ___Yes, i did says:

    ___see yaa at the Cesar Chavez rememberance ceremony, “Si Se Puede”

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