Oh no, they didn’t…


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19 Responses to Oh no, they didn’t…

  1. BT Blues says:

    I officially nominate you for “Laredo Blogger of the Year” for in-depth reporting. Thanks to this piece–which rivals the Leslie Stahl’s best reporting–I now have to say: La Sanbe who?

  2. rick78 says:

    By all means very nice coverage on lingerie 😉 !

  3. Juanita says:

    One word:

  4. Murray Malakoff says:

    Don’t these gals get cold in the winter?

  5. Que Fregados says:

    The Facebook comments take a decidedly different view. Alright, my feminist readers speak out!! Unfortunately for many of the women at these places, it is easy money without a lot of skill – many don’t value themselves in totality and believe sexuality is their way to succeed. Is it illegal? No. It is just considered low. We are not better than they are and they are not better than we (who don’t dance at these places) are – just different choices. But it does impact how Laredo is viewed.

    Gladys – I agree, no comment, well perhaps a short one: pitiful

    Tracey – I get pi**ed off when I pass through there day in and day out with my girls seeing that going on!! I have a rule in my car…when we pass that area…we must look the opposite direction. I have already heard from different people that these girls get paid for their services!! I have a comment…TRASH! Its no different then the local strip clubs…

    Gladys – U know what Tracy I think these…”girls” are worse than a strip club because at least d club is behind close doors…It is very upsetting to see them ‘dancing’, if u can call it dancing, in broad daylight when children, such as ur daughters, can see these… these…’girls’….
    How come there are no establishments of this sort in north laredo?

    Tracey – Gladys…exactly what I’ve been saying about none in North Laredo. If someone starts a petition to have that establishment closed then I would be the first to sign it 😉

    Rosario – Unfortunately, what they are doing, while offensive to some of us, is NOT illegal. And, they have a right to do it. My reaction… I DON’T drive through there.

    Gladys – It can be against d law but it all comes down to how d law is interpreted…n since our public officials r more than likely getting a cut the law is interpreted in their favor…

    Tracey – I have tried going a different route…but UNFORTUNATELY…its in other areas on this part of town as well. I can get to my destination through Meadow in half the time it takes to go through Z. Hwy and there are two of the same kind of establishments on the hwy. The difference between the establishments on Meadow and the hwy is a darn stripper pole. There is even one on Guadalupe and the loop. I can’t name one that is located on the north side of town. I find it hard to believe that they are doing nothing wrong. My friend’s daughter asked her mom why men were putting $$ in the girls panties and why they dress to show there behind… Just cause some of the girls are attractive doesn’t make it okay. I’m sure if there were girls who were on the heavy side shaking their butts with thongs on ppl would petion to close it down. I’ve seen cops and Border Patrol driving out of the same establishments. These places don’t belong in our neighborhoods! 😉

    Francis – Tracey FYI they r heavy girls dancing thier butts away @ da meadow and zapata location!some of them even look preggs

    Gladys – Yes I saw a fatty shaking her cellulite on zapata hwy…LOL

    Tracey – I don’t want to be rude…but I mean BIG girls, lol! I don’t know exactly how they look cause I don’t look in their direction but I know they are there. How about next time we are running errands we all go in our thongs…and see if we get called out for indecent exposure! I’m sure they will lock my butt up, LMAO! 😉

    Francis – LMFAO!!! ur 2 funny Tracey!!!!

    Gladys – Very true Tracy!!!

  6. Que Fregados says:

    Oh yes, and a late-coming male comment. Better watch it, Ed, te van a pegar – haha:

    Ed – OK ladies, after ALL these promotional comments, I AM intrigued. What are the EXACT addresses of these establishments so that I may drive THROUGH each AND EVERYONE of these and determine if EACH and EVERYONE of these women, at EACH and EVERYONE of these places should cover up. ; ))

  7. rick78 says:

    So if the female gender decides to go frolicking at the beach wearing thongs or tiny bikinis , is that considered trash, or being low ? Or at Marti Gras parade in Galveston where the same gender flashes some skin of their own free will and without pay ? FYI it’s not illegal in this state to flash bare breast , especially of the female gender. Don’t forget the woman’s lib in the 70’s era where burning bras was the norm , were those women low or just expressing a liberty as those ladies in the video ?

    • Que Fregados says:

      Yes, Rick, bajas y ordinarias pero… not wrong, just not respecting their own worth as a human being who is more than skin.

      I think there is a big difference with suiting up to go to the beach to swim or get tanned and not expect a tip to be put into your bra or short shorts. It’s very different when you are in a bikini dancing provocatively to attract business as opposed to walking on the beach. People make choices based on the situation and in this situation, it is to provoke a reaction based on their bodies and movement to try to get your $$.

      They deserve respect regardless of their job but that doesn’t mean it is a very dignified job.

  8. a cultural studies mecca in Laredo! thanks for the posting and the commentary! here’s my repost of your post plus my old video i shot last year…


  9. rick78 says:

    Yes they got my respect and I do not see them as trash or low. I forget of my logistics where all this is a shock to Laredo but over here it is the norm . At the beach it may not be for money or business but make no mistake it is for the same attention . Peace dear 🙂 .

  10. Poncho1950 says:

    The whole point of feminism was to give women a choice about what they do. It’s their choice. It’s the opportunity they picked, as opposed to going to a vo-tech or college or going to work in some other field.

    As for me, I’m not interested in patronizing such businesses. I like a nice-looking woman as much as the next guy, but I refuse to be led around by the … (pa’ qué te digo). I mean, what’s the point? It’s like going to a restaurant just to look at the food.

  11. The Truth says:

    There is no route that one can take to avoid these drive-thrus with flashy girls marketing their goods. Meadow has them, Market has them, HWY 83 has 2, Ejido has them and 359 has one. You will eventually drive passed one on the South Side of laredo…but you can choose to not Drive-Thru.

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  13. alex says:

    haha the main girl in the video is barely a freshmen in high school lmao.

  14. Que Fregados says:

    Yes, my stepdaughter who goes to that high school told me she was a sophomore and the others are her cousins – most still in high school. They are all related to the owner.

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