What say you, TAMIU journalists-in-training?

Several news sources recently wrote about a proposed new policy for the Texas A&M System – of course, that would include our own local Texas A&M International University. According to Poynter writer, Jim Romenesko:

Representatives from 15 journalism groups are criticizing a proposal that could result in punishment for Texas A&M University System journalism instructors who assign their students to file open-records requests with institutions in the system. A letter to school officials says: “It seems no coincidence that the System’s new policy interpretation follows closely on the heels of stories developed by the students of journalism instructor Dan Malone that uncovered problems in crime reporting on the Tarleton State campus and that inquired into the reasons for cancellation of a highly controversial student play.”

To read the entire letter signed by major journalism groups, check out Poynter.

Somehow, this wouldn’t surprise me so much if it were a story coming out of TAMIU, what is more surprising is that it is a story about the entire SYSTEM and how it wants to direct journalism instructors. What is a journalism education if you don’t question your training and the institutions that are a part of it. Hijole. There is a student regent on the Board of Regents for the system and a Chancellor’s student advisory board – I wonder what their opinion is about this??

On a separate higher education note, here is a plug from the other “system” – our local community college system, and I quote from the Enrollment and Registration Services Director, Martha S. Treviño:

Registration is thru Jan 6th and that ‘LCC is the LOGICAL choice’.

There you have it – a Laredo Community College plug as requested. Does that mean I get a free class, Martha? Didn’t think so :(. Do I at least get a piece of the Rosca de Reyes (Three Kings cake) you are going to have on the 6th for Dia de los Reyes? Didn’t think so either. Oh well.


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2 Responses to What say you, TAMIU journalists-in-training?

  1. Oh, come on! You think students have the right to question authority? Next you’ll be telling me that a good journalist should seek the truth and expose corruption wherever it exists! Silly communist….


    By the way, if this makes national news (I doubt), I’ll laugh for three straight hours as the system gets a giant magnifying lens put on it.

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