Nericcio in town

If you’ve been reading the other local blogs and the Laredo Morning Times and the Mextasy blog, you know about the opening reception being held tonight at the Laredo Center for the Arts. The MEXtasy Exhibit by William “Billy” Nericcio, native Laredoan, will be held from 6pm – 8pm, December 29, 2010 (a la noche, Señoras y Señores).

I dig opening art receptions – free food, sometimes wine and a chance to chat with fellow art lovers. For this one, we might get a little learning since it mirrors his book about stereotypes and the snippets of Mexican culture in the Americas (or I should say, the US).

Nericcio's book, still crisp and new - the art exhibit tonight does not include a focus on the book, only his artwork from what I understand

I am debating on whether to pluck my eyebrows and pencil them in for this presentation, after all, I already have the multi-colored hair bit going on (darn that hair dresser!) but this exhibit isn’t about dissolving or promoting stereotypes, it is about looking at them as they are. It should be a fascinating exhibit although shown in one city, Laredo, that often takes its ties to Mexico for granted and does not discuss its ethnicity beyond stating numbers. You try starting a MEChA at TAMIU – ha!

I am sure I will be able to pull away plenty from this exhibit, especially considering some recent focus on Mexican stereotypes in the likes of Machete (check out the new Lipton Brisk video [providing a link & not the video since this is about tonight’s exhibit]) or the new movie being made of “La India Maria” (talk about a cringe-worthy stereotype! Yikes!). Enjoy the show!


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3 Responses to Nericcio in town

  1. ___che el chicano says:

    ___no report yet on the Nericcio affair, neither Sanbe, ni
    BTB tampoco, i guess Laredo blogger sleep late . . . (i bought the
    book, got a free poster and chatted with the Author, the hor’d de
    vours (sic) were great)

    • Que Fregados says:

      Yawn, stretch, yawn. We were all there (along with Nericcio’s former classmates) practically a Laredo blogger convention. We are ceding the blog post to LaSanbe; even held the camera during his interview 🙂

      My comment – the crowd was not your usual art reception usuals, more his friends. Then again, it was not your usual art show – I like the book much, much better (academic but very interesting).

  2. ___che el chicano says:

    ___display needs expanding . . .

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