It’s all in the family

I wonder what the conversation was like around the Bruni household this holiday season…


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3 Responses to It’s all in the family

  1. Allison Bruni says:

    Please excuse me “Mr. All In The Family”: But I’ve a few nuggets of information for you and your audacious questioning of things that are not your business, unless of course you’re a member of the family who likes to picks fights with everyone in it. Bored, are we? Bipolar, perhaps? B*st*rd child? Polish your mirror and when you’re done talking a good look at yourself, try to find and feed your family. I don’t believe you get paid very good money being a “professional blogger”. Clearly, you’ve too much time on your hands and should possibly consider getting a real job. Focus on yourself and the ways in which you spend your time and energy. Then, if you still care so much about the Bruni family go to your nearest library and read a book on The Bruni family history. Why do some people love to watch others fall? Ridicule?

    I suggest you drop this topic… quickly. Quit embarrassing yourself and others.

  2. Allison Bruni says:

    Oh, I’ve one more suggestion if you don’t mind: PLEASE do yourself a favor and take online courses in both Basic Grammar and Spelling.

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