Micro-chip rift

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Lost dogs have made for blog posts for a few local bloggers. Our pups are like family members… uh, sometimes.

Do you all remember the microchip ordinance that started August 1, 2010? Do you remember my post that included asking my vet about the microchip for my dog and being told the city had not yet provided any? I keep hearing from a few people in the pet industry that this microchip thing has been a big mess. A reader said:

…a recent letter sent to all vets participating 3 of 4 in Laredo asking them to incur the total cost of the the microchip, stating that the city doesn’t have money to keep up with the Ordinance.

For one, it seems to have been an unfunded ordinance or not sufficiently funded ordinance. I keep hearing that the vets haven’t gotten a steady stream of the microchips from the Health Department. How can you enforce an ordinance if you make one department responsible but don’t give them the funding for an adequate supply? Or maybe this will be one ordinance, like many others, that doesn’t get enforced? A reader was telling me that the majority of the veterinarians in Laredo are of the opinion that the cost should not be absorbed by the taxpayers who may not even have a dog, cat, bird, fish, snake, whatever… but should be paid by the pet owner (or even subsidized by vets who care about pets). Makes sense to me. I paid a little more – $15 to LAPS for Pet Watch which is across the US. From what I remember, the $5 charge for micro-chipping as required by the city was supposed to be for this area. Of course, the vets can sell you a standard microchip for more cost.

Mess by the city or not, the ordinance still stands that you have to get your pet micro-chipped by August 1, 2011 or else…. or else…. I don’t know what the “or else” is :(.


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