Groupon coming to Laredo

Woooohoo! Groupon wants to start in Laredo. Groupon recently made news after refusing a $6 billion buyout from Google.

I had been a subscriber to the Groupon for Chicago and for San Antonio and always longingly watched great deals being offered to subscribers. I kept thinking – I will buy into that one and go visit but I never did. I unsubscribed.

The faithful readers over at the Newcomers Club (basic info or the active Facebook group) tipped me off on Groupon starting in our own Laredo community. Now if we could only get some juicy local businesses to offer something people are willing to come together to buy at a discount… business owners, how about it?

I would say the bloggers can go first but… we have nothing to offer but our own musings. What bargain could we provide on a free product? We don’t even use ads (except for Laredo Buzz or La Sanbe [but he uses google’s adsense]).

Maybe when Big River Outfitters returns they can offer a “buy 20, get 5 free” or some other kayak trip combination. Oh the possibilities for local small businesses to get people to try their goods at an intro price…

(Oh yes, and you know I am going to ask that you use my referral code! Type in when you register)


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2 Responses to Groupon coming to Laredo

  1. Que Fregados says:

    The very smart Facebook readers:

    Ricardo – Yes! An excellent idea’

    Alan André – AdSense started advertising Groupon on my blog, so that means it’s being targeted for Laredo.

    Liza – I totally use Groupon in the Seattle and Vancouver BC area Love it!

    Alan André – I see we’re the only new Texas market. The Valley and Corpus already has their deals online. :/

    Que Fregados – Really Alan? I didn’t even see where else in Texas it was – well, other than San Antonio.

    Esmer – Congrats Laredo!

    Alan André – Click on the large “Laredo” drop down and it’ll show the other cities in Texas. McAllen, Harlingen, and Brownsville are part of the Rio Grande Valley division.

    Liza – They also have it in Houston, Dallas, Ft. Worth and Austin to name a few more….

    Alan André – Groupon launched in Corpus Christi on October 22, 2010, Lubbock on November 15. They’ll announce Laredo’s opening here:

    Tracey – Oooh! I signed up for it two weeks ago, but they still don’t have anything to offer. Hopefully ppl sign up for it so that we can get great savings 😉

    Tracey – I wonder how buisnesses find out about the Groupon and sign up for it?

    Que Fregados – If they see the ads which now seem to be where you least expect them or if they read Que Fregados – ha! Word of mouth is most effective.

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