Laredo Books & More finally has grand opening

Guess who is finally having an official opening? That is right, readers, Laredo Books & More new books general bookstore.

Private and public entities came together for this partnership to 1) raise funds for the new library in south Laredo by selling the library’s donated used books and 2) get a general new books bookstore up and running.

I hear a couple of local authors will be on hand for book signing and promoting their books (including the 2 I had featured before) and the opportunity for those who had been wanting a copy of the 2010 Pro Tour Book of Nature Photography Borderlands of Laredo Edition would be able to pre-pay/pre-order the book for $50. It is gorgeous and features Webb County ranches with photographs from professional photographers. I already put in my order through another entity and am glad Laredo Books & More can offer the chance for others to buy it. Give Mary a call at 956-231-9821 to RSVP or to get more info.

Now that we know where we can get current books, let’s not forget where we can get other used books. The Book Nook (just in case 956-725-1715) at the Laredo Center for the Arts continues to grow with a recent donation for its structure and the privately owned (therefore needing support) Escape Again book store is also available. You can get more info at 956-568-1609.

Where else can you go in to buy a used book on Home Landscaping and come out with the following treasure:

found inside a book purchased at Escape Again used books bookstore

I thought I could still cash in the $1 prize from the scratch off game I found inside the book’s pages but no deal. It is expired. It does seem like the old Cracker Jack boxes though – you never know what surprise awaits inside – ha!

I’ve heard the criticism before (read the comments after the “recent donation” link) that all three entities are small and are not real bookstores (which too some people also means cafeterias and lounge spaces) but the three are making an effort to at least start somewhere. There is no major chain coming, they are in fact in deep trouble and probably not expanding much these days – that includes Barnes & Noble, Borders, etc. (check out the rumors of possible merger of those two giants to buy some time & stay afloat after both lost money last year). If there is an angel investor out there with a great location that wants to expand Laredo Books & More, you have someone with more than 30 years experience at the helm and a desire to do more than what she can serving the city and a business.

For now, Laredo book lovers and supporters are invited to attend the grand opening this Friday.


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3 Responses to Laredo Books & More finally has grand opening

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  2. Liz says:

    I hadn’t heard about the new library, but it sounds really neat. We’ll have to check it out! Thanks for sharing…

  3. stxparrothead says:

    Yeah!!! 🙂 I hope to swing by soon!

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