Wine, gourmet grocery, deli, cigars, etc

This billboard can be seen on I-35. For a while I wondered, what is it, who are they advertising and is that an existing business?

A bit further North, I finally got my answer. Next to the very new Anna’s Linens on the former site of Linens ‘N Things on San Bernardo Street, construction has already begun for something called Feldmans Market Center. Not being familiar with the name, I looked it up. Apparently it is only in McAllen and Laredo will be its 2nd location, I guess:

Feldmans Market Center was founded in 2007 with the goal
to offer the finest shopping experience possible. Beyond just our
items for sale we offer unsurpassed customer service and product
knowledge. We wish to bring the good life to everyone who walks
through our doors or shops online.

In Laredo, there is a group of more gourmet cooks than I could ever dream of being that order together for a shipment to be delivered from Whole Foods and other stores in San Antonio. Thank you friend from the Laredo Family Time Magazine for including me in your group ordering. Maybe Feldmans can help make that shopping list a little shorter? Who knows – we will see when it finally opens. Check out the progress:

FYI - the progress has advanced tremendously since I took this picture 3 days ago.

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7 Responses to Wine, gourmet grocery, deli, cigars, etc

  1. Edgar says:

    I recenty stumbled on your blog. Love it already!!!

  2. stxparrothead says:

    Gonna have to check this out when it opens 🙂

  3. Juanita says:

    I hope there is a produce section, but I have a feeling this is going to be a mid-range Harry & David-type store with pre-packaged goodies…Either way, I’m sure I will be a frequent customer!

  4. YayaOrchid says:

    I have to say I am so glad I’ve subscribed to your blog because you always share such good tidbits and news I wouldn’t normally find out about. I don’t fancy myself a gourmet cook, but I do love to try new foods and such. I will definitely be visiting this store. BTW, how do you go about being a rotarian?

    • Que Fregados says:

      I’m glad my metiche ways are helpful to others :).

      Rotary is a service organization. To be a member, you have to be invited but it is not that hard. I will make sure I invite you to the next meeting but it will not be until January 18th (we are a pilot Rotary & only meet twice a month rather than every week). The membership fee is pretty low, what people usually pay for is the meal they end up eating at every meeting. The only requirement is to have a desire to serve your community. We make our plans a year ahead of time for big projects. For example, we have a partial grant to create a kiln to help residents in the colonias make their own water filters out of ceramic. The water filtration project is meant to clean water for drinking for those who do not have access to running water. Our job is to fundraise the remaining part and to help build the kiln (a professional did the design, we put in the work). Because our Rotary is so small, we always have additional nonRotary volunteers helping us with different project – for example, staffing the Farmers Market or this weekend we will be bell ringing for the Salvation Army and also running the obstacle course for the HEAL Fitness Fair at North Central Park (will be writing about that tomorrow). We do what we can where we can. I’ll send you a message tomorrow with my contact info & also let you know about the other 4 Rotary Clubs in town. Thank you!

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