Holiday Pastorela, when did you start?

One of the food booths at Navidadfest at the Civic Center, Laredo, Texas

After the parade and tree lighting and children’s singing at Navidadfest was supposed to come a pastorela (Mexican comedic play usually held around this time of the year) sponsored by the Mexican Consulate.

My friend and I went to go check out the pastorela which we assumed would be indoors. Because there was such a huge, and I mean really huge, crowd after the parade, the pastorela was moved to the outside stage where kids were caroling. There were a few booths, including the one above that says “no te castigues” which means don’t punish yourself. It is a common saying implying that if you don’t buy or eat whatever, it is because you are punishing yourself. In my case, I had no appetite but by the looks of the lines, Laredoans did.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am sick and my voice was a little iffy from congestion, so standing outside was not the best decision. We waited and waited and saw the actors ready but… no pastorela. I ran into Councilwoman Liendo and asked if things were running late. Apparently, the parade was bigger than anticipated and the speeches longer than they should have been so they were running 45 minutes late. It didn’t bother Princess, the first dog (Mayor Salinas’ pooch), who was warmly wrapped in her Santa’s helper outfit that matched her momma’s. She was being carried in a very warm looking matching red bag. I sooooo wanted to take a picture but alas, I was there for the Pastorela.

We didn’t stay to see it 😦 . We left when the breeze started to kick in and my headache got worse. I don’t know if it was the congestion or my jealousy at Princess’ fur-lined carrying bag.


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One Response to Holiday Pastorela, when did you start?

  1. ___Pancho says:

    ___the Pastorela was funny and the actors great in spite of the cold and the bad sound system but the mexican hot dogs were the best ever, almost as great as the ones at the Zapata fair . . .

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