Comadrazo on Saturday

The monthly comadrazo (comadre + abrazo, get it?) is on December 4th at 2pm at Laredo Books & More space in the Laredo Public Library. If you didn’t know, local women get together once a month to just network. There are no officers, no fundraisers, no fees, no commitments for attendance, nothing other than you bring a dish to share.

The group has grown and grown and grown. Some great relationships have been built and we have seen comadres start their businesses, lose loved ones, get their purebreds matched, referred favorite doctors, and definitely learn about other traditions and cultures.

December’s comadrazo will also have a white elephant gift exchange – not something traditional since the goal is not to create any additional pressure for any member, but for just this one time…

So my pressure was to go out while I was sick to get a gift. It was easy except when I realized my BIG MISTAKE. I took San Bernardo as the Holiday (because I want it to be more inclusive) Parade was starting. I did snap a lot of photos, all a little blurry, but this was something interesting:

cotton candy vendor on San Bernardo, Laredo, Texas

I have no problem with street vendors but… aren’t those shopping carts property of some store somewhere? I remember reading somewhere that a store pays about $200 per cart and some time ago back home, there was a retrieval program that paid you $5 or $10 for each one you returned. Just wondering.

Hope to meet more Laredo women at the comadrazo on Saturday. If you want to be added to the invitation list, make sure you sign up on the national list and indicate you are from Laredo. We have had a few women be put on the Valley comadrazo list by mistake.


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Que Fregados is a quirky look at little things that strike us funny in Laredo and the unique Latino culture. Suggestions and comments are welcome. You can also email to
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