Black Friday well wishes

Stretch, stretch, yawn, yawn… Hasta Los Gatos Quieren Zapatos blog summed it up best with an old Maxine cartoon:

If, and that is a big IF, you get a present from me – enjoy the hand-knitted scarf or crocheted hat.

The partner wants to go to the mall to check out the crowds, ugh. I do wonder if any of those that spent the night camping outside their favorite store are still shopping – when we drove by Best Buy yesterday, some of them didn’t look prepared for the sudden drop in temperature. Pobrecitos (because of the cold and because I bet their pockets are now empty). No shopping for us, though, just wandering around on a day off.

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4 Responses to Black Friday well wishes

  1. em gee says:

    I passed by best buy and old navy last night and saw everyone freezing! I’m considering selling tamales and coffee to black Friday loco/as next year 😉 any other sugestions? Tequila?<—- scratch that, no liquor permit. I saw quite a few ppl who'd probably pay big bucks for a hand knitted scarf last night 😉

    • Que Fregados says:

      Maybe a truly portable portapotty. Wonder if you can put one on a trailer and drive it around store to store charging overnight campers $5 to avoid the urinating-in-public ticket.

  2. Risa de Angel says:

    It’s sad how Christmas was turned into one long spending event. Long lines at the mall, traffic jams, crowds rushing around, pushing and shoving. The big hunt for deals and parking spaces. “Are you ready for Christmas yet?” now means “Have you shopped enough yet?” Now more than ever, what Americans need most is inner peace. More patience and simplicity. More caring. More sharing. More oneness — less competition. Less rushing around. It’s sad when human beings are defined (and treated) only as “consumers.”

  3. Risa de Angel says:

    But I live in California. Maybe the kinds of crowds, traffic jams, etc. I just described aren’t the case in Laredo. Ojala que no.

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