Laredo run-off debates turn to interviews

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Yesterday we heard from Pro8News that only one candidate from the District 3 run-off race showed up for a formal debate at the Kiwanis Club.

Apparently it was not the only time that Mr. Alejandro Perez did not show. The PAC (Public Access Channel) videotaped debates were also scheduled and he did not show.

This must be an ugly trend because it turns out that the videotaped debates of the other races also had missing run-off candidates.

Now, how disrespectful to the voters is it to not show up for political run-off race debates? What is that all about? Do candidates not want to take a few more minutes to answer questions? Are they afraid of their opponents? Are they arrogant enough to think they already won without trying any more or are they convinced there is no hope and are giving up? Regardless – show up. (Well, it is too late now but that just makes them look bad)

The only taped event that included both candidates was the mayoral one. Both nice guys, both not necessarily the right fit for Laredo but one will have to be. At least they were respectful enough to actually debate and give us an opportunity to compare the both.

Check out the videotaped debates or… I guess intense interview of:

Municipal Court Judge – Madeline Lopez Escoto (Rosie Cuellar-Castillo did not show)
District III – Michael Landeck (Alex Perez did not show)
District VI – Orlando Navarro (Charlie San Miguel did not show)

Early voting starts November 29th!


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One Response to Laredo run-off debates turn to interviews

  1. MaryHelen says:

    Yes, it really does look bad. I mean, the debate organizers must have gotten commitments from the candidates in order to publicize and promote the debates, right? And then for the candidate to do a no-show? Yikes! So much for a person’s word being his/her bond. :/

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