RIP, BTB Teofilo the Tlacuache

Celebrated mascot (well, celebrated for one day), Teofilo, met his untimely death at the hands of the QF puppies. Teofilo, the Tlacuache (possum), is no more. We are sorry, Mr. Bordertown Blues, on the short-life of your mascot who so loved the snow. Snow? Wait, are you sure your tlacuache was a Laredo tlacuache?

Since I know everyone in town, I will ask around for the real story behind the Bordertown Blues Tlacuache aka Teofilo :P.

He is visible here in his better moments frolicking in the Laredo snow and making his debut on the pages of Bordertown Blues.


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6 Responses to RIP, BTB Teofilo the Tlacuache

  1. BT Blues says:

    Sadly, that poor, deceased tlacuache is not the original Teofilo, who comes from a hearty, northern stock family somewhere in the midwest. Rather, that tlacuaches is an impostor. You could tell because his costume does not have the C/S (con safos).

    It is common knowledge that all barrio mascots have to have a c/s, or at the least, a k/z.

    • Que Fregados says:

      Sorry to tell you but the c/s got covered in blood, blended right in to the cute red sweater you knitted for him last Christmas. I am so sorry that your imported “barrio”mascot couldn’t stand the heat of Laredo and practically threw himself into my puppies’ mouths.

  2. Poncho says:

    A Puerto Rican friend and I did political cartoons a long time ago for a Spanish-language tabloid I edited. I wrote; he drew. One of my standard characters was El Tlacuache Tiburcio, who used to make sharp comments about matters. I had to explain to my camarada what a tlacuache was — una zarigüeuya — and how we South Texas chicanos identified with them because like the possums, we’re adaptable survivors, aunque no nos quieran.

  3. rick78 says:

    Hey those are a delicacy even, road kill fresh for some Swamp Yahoos up here .

    • Que Fregados says:

      Should I guess what is for Thanksgiving dinner? I actually do have a friend who grew up eating possum and squirrel because it was what they could hunt. She has an interesting life story 🙂

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