Project Cupcake

I’ve been asked to tell you a little about Project Cupcake but guess what? I still don’t know much about it other than the flyer that was sent to me. I might not have posted it but it is being hosted by the Big River Outfitters and I know that the set-up they had at the last party they had was very cool. It was poolside at the Rio Grande Plaza hotel right along the edge of the Rio Grande.

Lest I be given 20 lashes by my blog peers for every mistake I point out in the flyer, I will refrain. I’ll stay on the positive and tell you how neat the logo from Project Cupcake is, how unique the La Mata logo is and how awesomely awesome the Big River Outfitters logo is šŸ™‚ The ultimate cool points go to the fund raising effort that will all be for children of Bethany House.

On this particular Saturday, the 2nd Farmers Market will be taking place. It will start at 9am and end at noon – but remember that if you want fresh produce, stuff that hasn’t been already picked over, you do have to get there early. There was nothing more annoying than listening to people complain that X had already sold out when they got to the market in the last half hour. As time goes on, the only certified Farmers Market in Laredo will get better and better.

I was also told that a craft fair was taking place at Casa Blanca Ballroom on November 20th. Unfortunately, I have no information on it but I am sure someone can list it in the comments.

I also heard the Division of Student Services over at Laredo Community College is having a campus clean-up. Way to go, LCC staff!
A busy Saturday indeed.


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5 Responses to Project Cupcake

  1. despeinad@ says:

    Thanks for the heads up. I am looking forward to the Farmers Market. About the errors on cupcake project flyer. . . how embarrassing! One mistake is forgivable, but this many are not. This should never happen on anything that is publicized. It makes them look incompetent.

    • Que Fregados says:

      All I can say is that it was not Big River Outfitters. He was a little embarrassed for them but we couldn’t manipulate the file or fix it in any way. Oh well – the point is the party to help raise some funds. It is a gorgeous setting for any get together.

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  3. stxparrothead says:

    I saw a small ad for Project Cupcake in a local magazine when I was the docs waiting to be seen- copied the contact info: or 722-4152. Looks like they help organize birthday parties for the kids at Bethany House. Planning to get more info & will let you know!

    Also- don’t forget the Book Nook is having a book fair tomorrow beginning at noon (I think.)

  4. john says:

    Hah! will be there

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